Heart-Warming Scenes As Liverpool Fan Finally Reunited With ‘The Man Who Saved His Life’ At Hillsborough (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, May 2016



Remember the Liverpool fan who launched an appeal to find the man who “saved his life” at Hillsborough after spotting himself as a young boy among the chaos while watching the recent BBC documentary about that tragic day in 1989.

Joe Smith was just eight years old when he found himself being plucked from the morass in the Leppings Lane end by a good samaritan, who hoisted the youngster up onto his shoulders and carried him to safety.

The Facebook post read:

The man who’s shoulders I am on, is the man who helped save my life at Hillsborough! I’ve never in 27 years seen this image until the documentary just released, and it’s thrown me big time.

I would love to find this man and thank him for what he did for me that day, please can you share this status and help me find my hero of that day #JFT96.

Well, the good news is that Joe’s search proved successful, and the ITV News cameras were on hand to capture the touching moment that he was reunited with his previously unidentified hero almost three decades on down the line…

Lovely stuff. Don’t it just warm your cockles?

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  1. Hugh Prestwick-Smythe says:

    Heart warming stuff, it really is but would someone now reunite Joe Smith with the barbers. That barnet is shock horror.

  2. João Santos Funchal says:

    he could have cut his hair before meeting him. or given some to the gentelmen who saved his life

  3. Mr Jap says:

    He looks like a propper cunt with that hair, kinda like Jarren

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