Shit Football Kits: Behold The Hideous ‘Bruised Purple’ Liverpool Strip That Never Was… (Photos)

Chris Wright

9th, February 2017



If the following photos are anything to go by, it would appear Liverpool dodged a nauseating bullet at some point around the turn of the 1990s.

With the era of ‘kitchen sink’ football kit design at it’s gaudy peak, it looks like Adidas were planning to bestow and absolute howler of an away shirt on the Reds.

Having already plied Arsenal with their infamous ‘bruised banana’ kit, this rare unearthed sample shirt shows that Adidas had plans to furnish Liverpool with an equally disgusting purple equivalent…


Photos: @brn442/Twitter

Yuck. It’s like the sartorial manifestation of a severe migraine.

Mercifully, ‘Pool ended up with this natty little silver number instead…

As we say, definitely dodged a bullet.

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    May look a bit garish nut had it been released I’m sure it would have gone down in cult status as many of the vibrant designs of the era did, add the fact Liverpool were very successful then too.

    Also, the Arsenal kit you mentioned which does use the same template is a classic and I don’t even support them.

  2. Jeremia says:

    Hm, an otherwise presentable shirt with a trail of violet vomit at the front; can’t remember, was the purple-dyed industrial alcohol popular at the time?

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