Liverpool: Mohamed Salah To Be Rewarded With Plot Of Land In Mecca For Winning PFA Player Of The Year Award

Chris Wright

25th, April 2018

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Mohamed Salah’s run of good fortune is showing no signs of waning anytime soon as the Liverpool star continues to send defenders a-spiralling and goal-scoring records a-tumbling.

Now, in addition to surpassing the 40-goal mark this season and firing the Reds toward a Champions League final, Salah is set to be bestowed with an honour of holy significance.

Indeed, the Egyptian forward is reportedly to be given his very own plot of land in Mecca, specifically as a reward for winning the PFA Player of the Year Award.

Fahd Al-Rowky, who is vice-president of the local municipality in Mecca, has mentioned in passing that Salah will be given the land outside Islam’s most sacred city if he’s willing to accept the gift.

Speaking to My Salaam. Al-Rowky said:

There are several choices regarding giving this piece of land. The way to go will be determined by Mohamed Salah as well as the Saudi system.

If the Saudi system allows the land to be owned by Salah, he will be given a piece of land in Holy Mecca outside Haram.

The other option will be to have a mosque built on the land in his name.

None too shabby, whichever way it pans out.

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1 Comment

  1. VieuxSang says:

    Unfortunate that Salah is a heretic…but, the head Mecca guy’s name is awesome. ROWKI! ROWKI! ROWKI!

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