Liverpool: Mohamed Salah Caught Diving Once Again As Pathetic Plummet Goes Unpunished Against Crystal Palace (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, January 2019


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Liverpool came from a goal down to beat Crystal Palace in a 4-3 slobberknocker at Anfield on Saturday afternoon.

Mohamed Salah brought the Reds level less than a minute after the restart before adding a second as Jurgen Klopp’s side blitzed Palace with four second-half goals.

Unfortunately, we also saw the Egyptian once again go sprawling to the floor in search of a penalty under minimal duress from Mamadou Sakho…

No yellow. No reprimand. No repercussions. Just a free pass to have another stab at it next time. Cheating wimp.

We shouldn’t really be surprised. He’s always bloody at it…

(Video: @RFFH/Twitter)

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  2. Kevin Keegan says:

    I will love it if Liverpool bottle it again. I’m sick of this prick going down and either:

    A) “Winning” a penalty for dive.
    B) Not being punished for diving (If it’s not a penalty then it’s a dive)

  3. nn4 says:

    I don’t know if it was sarcasm or not, but in every instance there was contact and he was tripped?

    • Eeny says:

      Utter rubbish, all of them bear the hallmarks of diving:

      “A 2009 study found that there are recognisable traits that can often be observed when a player is diving. They are:

      1) A separation in time between the impact and the simulation;

      2) A lack of ballistic continuity (the player moves farther than would be expected from the momentum of the tackle) and lack of contact consistency (the player nurses a body part other than where the impact occurred, such as contact to the chest causing the player to fly to the ground, holding their face);

      3) The “Archer’s bow” pose, where the head is tilted back, chest thrust forward, arms raised and both legs bent at the knee to lift both feet off the ground to the rear, is recognised as a characteristic sign of simulation, as the action is counter to normal reflex mechanisms to protect the body in a fall.”

      • Nuno says:

        Sorry but no. On the last video:
        1st clip: he is tripped on his right foot, no doubt on this one.
        2nd: we only see the fall, we cannot see what happened before. Every fall is a dive if we go like this…
        3rd: ok, that’s actually a foul by Salah (high foot with studs first). Though there is contact to the foot.
        4th: he milks it, but there’s contact on his left leg. On a high speed run, that is enough to make you off balance and trip (yeah, he could try to keep balance afterwards, but unlikely to make it after that touch; the touch makes him lose balance so that’s a foul).
        5th: ok yes a dive.
        The problem is you look at videos in slow motion. There obviously the separation between contact and fall looks much bigger.

        • Kevin Keegan says:

          WOW! Horrible to see people defending this type of action claiming because there’s contact it’s a foul. Football is a contact game e.g. shoulder barges, high pressing, tackling, man marking et al.

          He’s on a the deck at least once a game (normally in the penalty area because that’s the golden ticket when it comes to diving) and he’s always appealing he’s been fouled (20% are genuine of course) and yet during his most blatant attempts to cheat the ref he’s not carded for it. It is a little ‘boy who cried wolf’ so he needs to be careful before the reputation sticks.

          Of course it’s in slow motion to shed some humour to the fact that it’s cheating…. Sergeant Elias hasn’t got anything on Salah, perfect technique.

  4. Geraldo says:

    Their fourth goal came as a result of a deliberate hand-ball by Robertson that Thierry Henry would have been proud of. So whatever you think of the current Liverpool side and their title winning credentials, at least nobody can argue with the fact that they’re the best in the League at cheating…

  5. salty says:

    ah….the smell of top spot and salt from the mancs below. what is it? i can’t hear you ? speak up from that 6th spot….

  6. Mohamed Salah has been accused of simulation by many fans of late after he won soft penalties against Newcastle United and Brighton respectively, before producing a pretty shocking dive in the 4-3 win over Crystal Palace today…

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