Pivot And Flee: Kelly Cates Left On Her Lonesome As Sky Sports Pundits Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville Produce Strangest Post-Match Play Ever Captured On Camera (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, April 2019

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all in football broadcasting, Sky Sports go and deliver yet another absolutely baffling nugget of nonsense to throw you off your axis all over again.

Last night, while discussing Liverpool’s vital win over Southampton at St Mary’s, Sky’s matchday panel were seen performing perhaps the strangest pivot Pies have ever witnessed.

At one point, host Kelly Cates put a fairly straightforward question to pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville. What followed was perplexing, to put it lightly…

We assumed that the question was a predesignated production cue for Carra and Nev to take up a different position and that we weren’t actually supposed to see them making the transition, but still.

Fans even offered in-depth analysis of the intriguing passage of play.

Thankfully, after myriad arching and furrowing of brows, Cates was eventually able to offer an explanation.

Fair enough, but as peeks behind the curtain go, it was still a bit weird.

It all felt a bit like Alan Partridge taking *slightly* too long to walk to his interactive video wall.

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1 Comment

  1. nn4 says:

    First time I saw it, I died laughing. Felt like a scene in The Office (British or US, as you like)

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