Jordan Henderson is a top top human being

Ollie Irish

9th, September 2020


Dejan Lovren received this letter from Jordan Henderson after he departed Liverpool this summer…

Eloquent and admirable words that reveal why Henderson is Liverpool’s captain, and a tonic to read at a time when some footballers seem incapable of behaving like decent human beings. It’s also an insight to Lovren’s importance to the dressing room.

Henderson also gifted Lovren a replica Premier League trophy:

Not done with being Mr Nice Guy (see, Jose, nice guys do finish first), Henderson tweeted congratulations to PFA Player of the Year Kevin de Bruyne:

What a guy!

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  1. Straight Dave says:

    Christ, it makes you wonder what he’d have written if it was a player who was actually important for Liverpool. A letter the same length as the Gettysburg address, presumably

    • Saint Raith says:

      Although famously, the Gettyberg Address was only 275 words long, which I reckon is similar to the letter the Lovren.

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