Sky Sports didn’t broadcast part of Jurgen Klopp interview where he criticised Sky and BT

Ollie Irish

23rd, November 2020

Tension between Premier League clubs and UK broadcasters continues to grow, with Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp the most vocal about the issues of a TV-first football schedule.

Shamefully, if not surprisingly, Sky Sports did not air the part of his post-match interview (after Liverpool beat Leicester 3-0) where he criticised them and BT (at time of writing this is still the case). Broadcasters outside of the UK have shown it, though. Watch it below (until it mysteriously vanishes from YouTube):

You have to admire Klopp here, acting on behalf of players like he’s Jimmy Hoffa. But the title of the clip is unfair on Klopp. It’s not really a rant, it’s a passionate defence of what he believes in: players are not robots.

Klopp has definitely had enough of Sky and BT’s shit and he’s not going to take it anymore, although Liverpool won’t boycott games because of dumb scheduling. We’re not at that stage, and neither does Klopp have the power to make such decisions.

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