Liverpool are top of the league – will this be Rafa’s year?


3rd, September 2007


75411484.jpgLiverpool are sitting at the head of the Premier League table for the first time in five years – and only a ‘ghost’ penalty against Chelsea has prevented them from claiming maximum points from their first four games.
It’s just the sort of start that Rafa was banging on about before the season started. His new signings have impressed, especially Torres and Babel, and the depth of the Scouse squad means they haven’t even missed their traditional talismen, Stevie G and Jay…C?
You know that the Premier League is the one that they want most and with a solid defence, variety box full of midfielders and four strikers who all know how to score – could this be the year that ‘weirdy beardy’ Benitez brings the League title back to Anfield?
But then again, we’ve heard this all before haven’t we?

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  1. Joe says:

    He looks a bit like a villain from GTA in that shot, like from those cell-shaded pics they show at the loading screens
    Or am I just playing that game too much:P

  2. Manton says:

    In Evil Rafa We Trust.
    I’m not going to get too optimistic, especially at this point in the campaign, but it’s a nice position to be in to be sure.

  3. Cole says:

    some fantastic results so far for liverpool (wish i could say the same for my utd) but apart from an expected result against villa and a well earned point against chelsea it has been 6 points from two sides that are expected to finish in the bottom 3 this year. bit early to get excited but agree with jose – this year is probably going to be much more open than previous years.

  4. Collie says:

    I think voronin has been the real sensation so far this season. Alot of my mates who are pool fans were complaining about signing him but he has been great. He is a very clever footballer

  5. Allen says:

    I’m with ya. We’ve heard all this before.

  6. dp says:

    This team is really, really talented. Babel and Torres may just make Peter Crouch irrelevant even though he’s a legit starter for England, Voronin is a surprisingly clever player who has adjusted shockingly well to his new environment, and Pennant has surprised me with how he seems to have finally put it all together–he’s been a nightmare for defenders so far. We’ll see, but this team probably more talented than any other in the EPL. Oh, and Steven Gerrard = BFG (Big Fookin’ Goals)