Jamie Carragher goes nuts after being told to ‘calm down!’ by Luton fans wearing shellsuits and curly wigs

Ollie Irish

8th, January 2008

scousers.jpgI love this story, from the website of the Current Bun. Carra reportedly ‘lost it’ after being taunted – i.e. told to ‘calm down’ in a bad Scouse accent – by a small section of Luton fans wearing curly wigs and shellsuits. The Sun’s story is accompanied by a blurry picture of Carragher, supposedly enraged, climbing a fence at Kenilworth Road to confront the fans in a ‘let’s have it!’ stylee.
I’d like to join the Luton fans in saying ‘calm down!’ to Carra. It’s just a harmless bit of banter.

Posted in Liverpool

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