Devastated Tom Hicks Vows ‘This Isn’t Over’

Ollie Irish

16th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Tom Hicks is furious right now. And you won’t like him when he’s furious.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Texan buffoon said:

There are better owners of Liverpool than the owners of Boston Red Sox [NESV]

I’m shocked, devastated and frustrated. I’m very disappointed.

It has hurt my family tremendously. This is a very valuable asset that was swindled away from me in an epic swindle.

And there’s the rub, folks: “asset”. That’s how he always saw LFC, as a licence to make $$$s.

Tom Hicks tried to fuck Liverpool FC and gain from it; but although he did a considerable amount of damage to the club, he was the one who ended up bent over the kitchen table, eyes watering. And I’m sure for most LFC fans, that is some sort of happy ending.

However, in true Hicks style, he finished the interview with a veiled threat of more legal action: “This isn’t over.”

Addendum: For all the trouble Hicks and Gillett caused, not only in terms of the debt they accrued but also in damaging the club’s morale and crushing its spirit, the coaching and playing staff must also be partly blamed for Liverpool’s current position. Transfer funds were wasted (“Rafa had the money, he just bought bad players,” said Hicks – a case can be made to back up that assertion), the squad was mismanaged etc. … it’s not ALL on Hicks and Gillett. To claim as much is disingenuous or plain wrong.

Addendum 2: There is no guarantee that John W Henry and co. will make things better. Henry is infinitely more charming than Hicks, but that charm will only see the Red Sox owner through his honeymoon period at Liverpool. The important thing is to bring some stability to the club, not go out and splash cash on comfort signings, as Newcastle United once made the big mistake of doing.

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  1. Mr. Angry says:


  2. daboy says:

    Well may i say Hicks you are fucked and i hope the worst for you is yet to come you fuckin liar piece of dogshit and so say all of us!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. spectator says:

    addendum: most liverpool fans recognise rafa made some odd decisions in the transfer market, in the last couple of years. but prior to that he spent quite wisely. we also recognise his tactics became fairly one dimensional.

    addendum 2: we know.

  4. hayaku says:

    bull face hicks still wanna fuck broughton ass,, Hicks really born an idiot and bastard!

  5. DTH says:

    Having talked to some friends in Boston, Henry seems to garner a level of affection from fans that is unbelievable rare in big team owners in American sports these days. Things like taking out full-page newspaper adverts, apologizing to Red Sox fans for missing the playoffs, just don’t happen anymore.

    not to mention they underperformed for years, even with one of the bigger payrolls, before winning the World Series twice since he bought them.

    Don’t know if this means much for LFC, but we’ll know soon enough.

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