The BIG Football Question: Is Christian Poulsen Good Enough For Liverpool?

Ollie Irish

5th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

Christian Poulsen departed the Anfield pitch last night to the sound of ironic cheers from the home fans. The Danish midfielder, signed by Roy Hodgson in August and subbed against Napoli yesterday, has yet to show his best form in a Liverpool shirt (or indeed any form to write home about), which has hardly endeared him to Kopites.

Whilst it’s clear that Poulsen is a limited player, and not fit to clean the boots of Xabi Alonso or even Javier Mascherano, he has only been at LFC for a couple of months, so it’s early to write him off completely – as many Liverpool fans have done, seemingly. Still, I was expecting a bit more quality from a player who is not far shy of 100 international caps, and who spent more than four years at Sevilla and Juventus collectively.

Perhaps Poulsen is the sort of player who is perfectly good enough for the 2010 Liverpool vintage (ahem), and it’s the fans who need to lower their expectations when it comes to the calibre of player Roy Hodgson will attract. But still I feel that Poulsen is a Blackburn Rovers player, but not a Liverpool player.

What’s your take on Poulsen?

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  1. siblfc says:

    As the guy in front of me said on the first time he saw him, “Poulsen is a poor mans Lucas”.
    The difference after Poulsen was subbed last night was noticeable.

    He is a complete waste of £4.5m, and far too slow for the Premiership. I predict,he is going to be up there alongised Nicky Tanner and Sean Dundee as Liverpools worst ever player.

  2. C says:

    I can’t find the words to describe how I feel about him.

    I wonder what all the Lucas haters think about him…
    All of a sudden Lucas must seem like Zidane :P

  3. James says:

    The real question is, is Liverpool good enough for Christian Poulsen?

  4. jaysus says:

    it’s well with reason that liverpool would have had a clean sheet last night if it wasn’t for poulsen’s backwards header that started the napoli movement that resulted in a goal.

  5. stavros says:

    Lucas is way better than Poulsen and is younger.Poulsen is worse than Spearing,totally waste of money this transfer.

  6. Steve says:

    IMO he’s not good enough for Liverpool Reserves, never mind the first team. Total waste of £4.5m (if that was the amount). Spearing completely outshone him last night. Is it any coincidence that we were hopeless in the first half while he was on & scored 3 when he went off?

  7. Paul says:

    Poulsen is not good enough even for Barnet. The sooner he leaves the better.

  8. spike says:

    Clearly…. he is shit.

  9. Phil says:

    Unfortunately Roy was still in Fulham mode when he signed Christian Poulsen. At 30 he’s past his best (however good that was) and he’s certainly no better that Lucas Leiva. for that reason, he’s a waste of £4.5M, and more to the point a waste of wages. He should go in January, even if we lose his transfer fee. I’m quite happy with Lucas and Jay Spearing as understudy. we need to concentrate all transfer effort (and finances) on a quality striker and 2 decent full backs. Frills like better wingers and centre mids can come later.

  10. tony l says:

    20 years we have been signing crap players for liverpool,thats why we are a poor side now,im glad these new owners wont throw away money,a player needs to be of a certain style for the reds to buy,as a red it hurts me to say that we are a mid table side now.

  11. rolando says:

    disagree phil – we need a striker and some fast wingers who can get to the byline and get in a decent cross. then maybe the midfielders we have and Torres will start scoring! Johnson and Konchesky with Kelly and Aurelio at full backs not that bad..

  12. jummy thomas says:

    Roy you were laughing rafa’s men you have brought half a dozen of very very poor players. you should think twice before buying. we are very narrow team, we need young and swp. we need a left back, and a holding midfielder.

  13. rolando says:

    SWP???? are you fu*king kidding me??

  14. high as a kuyt says:

    i think johnsons better suited for a winger

  15. James says:

    Put Johnson on as a winger, get a decent defensive right back (if only we’d bought Alves!). You can see how shit Johnson looks when he’s been told to be more mindful of defence over attack. He just dawdles on the ball and is always out of position.

    As for Poulsen, he’s a bench warmer at best. Lucas will suffice for now, but push Mereiles back into the centre with him. He looks the only astute signing of Hodgson so for.

    Other than that we need a half decent striker and a proper left winger. Oh and get Agger back in the starting line up. Drop Carragher if needs be.

    If Hodgson buys another central midfielder in January then he deserves to go.

  16. PhilandoTorres says:

    A thousand times no.

    He’s painfully shit and he doesn’t seem to care. Jay Spearing is far more tenacious and composed on the ball and he’s barely cracked double figures in terms of first team appearances.

    Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. At least Lucas buckled down and improved himself. And even at his shittest, Lucas at least fucking tried.

  17. Nando says:

    I think at this point you just have to be content with the guys that don’t shutter when putting on the Liverpool jersey. When those guys can string a couple wins together, then it’s perfect fine to target a single player’s ability.

  18. Cassious Clay says:

    i think poulsen should be given just alittle bit more time…

    liverpool’s worst player is voronin

  19. Anonymous says:

    Useless, but than again, for some very odd reason, the manager will play him or Lucas! Thats why we dont win games. Sho

  20. Daisy Raskil says:

    He is poison, so is Lucas, so is Ngog.

    Not good enough

  21. V says:

    I’d say 80% of the squad isn’t good enough for lfc.

  22. Rimmer says:

    Well hes in the same Skill Category as Johnson, Konchesky, Joe Cole, Kyrgiakos, Aquilani, Kuyt, Lucas, Carragher, N’Gog

    … Whoops!

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