Video: Steven Gerrard launches Liverpool’s away kit by doing nothing

Ollie Irish

3rd, June 2009


Liverpool fan sizes up his captain

This is what all “real” football fans look like, of course. In other words, they look like shit: overweight, bald and with a hint of special needs around the eyes. I guess Adidas were going for the “ordinary bloke in the Kop” look but went a bit too far.
As for the kit, forget the “Phantom, Light Scarlet and Metallic Gold” colour scheme and the moisture-wicking material, and focus on the fact it looks pretty good. We likey.
And who’s the dude on guitar at the end!? At first, I thought it was Kaka.

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  1. Louwrens says:

    Didn’t Adidas do EXACTLY this with the new Milan kit?

  2. jack says:

    Im geussing that bloke on the guitar is some kind of homage to the beatles, right scouser stereotypes? 12th man, baldy fat bloke and beatles, sorted

  3. Oh Hai says:

    “Didn’t Adidas do EXACTLY this with the new Milan kit?”
    It’s Adidas’ new campaign. It is being done with Chelsea aswell, except Chelsea’s fan isn’t fat.

  4. Louwrens says:

    Oh OK. Vodacom did it for this season’s Super 14 rugby. “Player 23”. Ho hum.
    Still doesn’t explain why Kaka’s playing guitar though.

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