Man City Quartet Mancini, Kompany, Milner & Hart Become Official Voices Of Metrolink’s East Manchester Tram Line

Chris Wright

13th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

Tram buddies Joe and Vincent share a ‘Brief Encounter’ moment at the Campus stop

Oh, the razzmatazz life of the Premier League footballer. Following in Charlie “Face of Cheque Centre” Adam’s glamorous wake, Man City quartet Roberto Mancini, Vincent Kompany, Joe Hart and James Milner have agreed a glitzy deal to become the official voices of Metrolink’s east Manchester tram line.

Mancini’s audio sample (via Audiboo)

Just when you think Vinnie Komp couldn’t get any more awesome, he goes and cracks a “captain speaking” joke on a Metrolink tram voice-over!

The clips have been recorded to mark the opening of the new ‘Etihad Campus’ tram stop and will only be used on match days with the first airing being ahead of City’s FA Cup tie against Leeds on Sunday – so if you’re going to go to the game, make sure to go by tram.

(Via MEN)

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  1. quebec in your face says:

    God knows why they got Mancini to do this, he’s got one of the lesser audible accents in the league. I was half-expecting him to end the sentence with “uhhh, is important”.

  2. TravisKOP says:

    @quebec hahahahahahahaha

  3. JJ says:

    Hahahah… true. Great line with “uhhh, is important” to get off here…haha, quality

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