Barcelona Fan Breaks Down In Tears After Pedro Refuses To Debunk Manchester United Rumours (Video)

Chris Wright

31st, July 2015

“If I’m leaving then I’m taking this thing with me”

With rumours swirling hither and thither that Manchester United are beavering away to secure his acquisition, it would appear that whispers of Pedro’s imminent departure are proving a lot to take in for a few Barcelona fans – well, one in particular.

Having caught wind of the speculation and systematically refusing to entertain such blasphemy, the Barca fan in question flagged Pedro down as he was driving away from the club’s training ground and confronted her idol with some hard questions.

After making sure she’d got her pro-Pedro placard signed, the fan asked the 28-year-old forward outright if he was gearing up to leave Barca.

Apres his refusal to debunk the rumours, came le deluge…

There’s a definite Ralph Wiggum ‘exact second the heart breaks’ moment in there somewhere.

More pressingly, Pedro is 28? When the hell did that happen?