Man Utd: Marouane Fellaini Takes Legal Action Against New Balance, Claims Boots Hindered Performance And Caused ‘Considerable’ Damage To Feet

Chris Wright

6th, November 2017


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Marouane Fellaini is reportedly preparing to launch legal action against his former boot supplier on the grounds that their footwear have caused considerable damage to his feet.

According to The Sun, Fellaini is suing New Balance to the tune of £2.1million for the “loss of employment, inconvenience and impact on performance” incurred as a result of wearing their boots.

Back in 2012, the Manchester United ent signed a four-year deal with New Balance worth around £600,000 per term, but has since switched back to Nike.

The 29-year-old Belgian barger has issued a writ which states the United kitman was routinely forced to “steam and stretch” the boots before matches due to their “poor quality”.

He also claims he “repeatedly communicated his frustration” to New Balance, who are counter-claiming that Fellaini once branded their boots “perfect” and even bulk-ordered 12 extra pairs.

Whether or not the fact that Fellaini could effectively play barefoot given his propensity for chesting, heading and elbowing is raised in court remains to be seen.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Come on, Fellaini has been playing very well lately.

  2. Beano says:

    Something tells me Fellaini bought the shoes thinking the US sizes were equal to UK sizes, as it sounds like he ordered the boots direct, not just from some store.
    Or, it’s possible he liked their old boots, bought some of the slim newer ones, and is just suffering from buyer’s remorse.

    Guy’s been playing quite well lately, so I don’t think he can even argue that the boots injured his feet to the point that it effects his career (which would likely be the basis of his argument should his claim go to court)

  3. Nuno says:

    Was he wearing them last game against Chelsea? Because in a couple plays it seemed he had bricks in his feet, with poor ball control and almost resulting in a Chelsea goal.
    Though agree that in other games this season he has been playing quite well, much better than a couple years ago.

    @Beano, I always thought these pro players got shoes custom made for their size. Not only Messi and Ronaldo, but if they are paying Fellaini 600k, they sure can afford to give him a proper fitting…

  4. HJ says:

    Wow very interesting. Why they couldn’t go back and fix the boots to his liking is a good question. I once had this same problem with their high jumping shoes I got rid of those shits as fast as I possibly could so I can see this happening.

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