‘Pepe Reina Rumours Are Very Strong At Old Trafford’ – Peter Schmeichel

Chris Wright

12th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Ex-Manchester United ‘keeper Peter Schmeichel has admitted that he’d love to see his former employers sign Pepe Reina from Liverpool as he believes that United need a ready-made No.1 to take over from current custodian Edwin van der Sar rather than a young pretender.

When Schmeichel left Old Trafford in 1999, a string of hopefuls were bought in to succeed him, but the supreme Danish stopper wasn’t properly replaced until van der Sar joined the club from Fulham in 2005 – the veteran Dutchman providing a consistent and reliable presence betwixt the sticks ever since.

However, Van der Sar is known to be flirting with the idea of retiring at the end of the season after turning 40 a couple of weeks ago, with speculation mounting as to who will be his successor – with Reina finding himself firmly in the frame after admitting that he may be willing to leave Anfield come the summer.

“I’m pretty sure they would go for someone like Reina, I’m pretty sure that’s what they are trying to do,” Schmeichel told website Beyond The Pitch.

“You can look at talent, you can look at young, good players, you don’t want that, you want someone that can go in straight away and give performances in 80 per cent of the games that the No.1 choice goalkeeper will play for Manchester United.

“Too many goalkeepers have been through in and out of the doors at Manchester United and I think now the general perception is, for this team to play well and win trophies, that position has to be someone who is of the very, very highest quality, but also with the right experience and that’s why I think someone like Reina would fit the bill.

“The rumours are very, very strong around Old Trafford with this. A lot of goalkeepers are mentioned, but Reina seems to be the one that fits in the team and if he ever was to leave Liverpool, which again there is a big, big rumour he will, Manchester United would be a great club for him to come to.

“I hope that someone like Pepe Reina will go to United when Edwin calls it a day and I hear rumours that he is going to leave Liverpool so for him to go to Man Utd would be very, very good for us.”

Is Schmeichel merely sh*t-stirring on behalf of his old club, or could it be that he is genuinely privvy to some bona fide insider information?

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  1. Billy says:

    These rumours are only strong with Man U people living in a complete dreamland.

    If Slur Fergy wouldn’t sell a defender he was getting rid of anyway to LFC. Not a snowballs chance in hell are we going to sell the best keeper in the league to Man U.

    End of.

  2. duperman dat doe says:

    “best keeper in the league”?
    dohohohoh that slaps me on da knee!

  3. Jimbo says:

    There is no way in hell I’d want to see Reina at United. He’s not good enough for us, stay with the scousers mate

  4. Mind Gamer says:

    He’s a fucking liability Reina! The scousers can keep him!

  5. Donner Meat says:

    I’m not one these fans who deludes himself into thinking that most of Liverpool’s foreign players are in any way loyal to the club, its only a matter of time before Kuyt, Agger and Torres go, but there is no way Pepe would leave Anfield for United. Not happening. Arsenal maybe.

  6. Bruno says:

    Reina sucks, I don’t want him. He can make the very best save but can’t save the most easy one.
    We need BUFFON when EDWIN retires!

  7. hayaku says:

    go and dream lar peter fucker Schmeichel!

  8. A FINNIGAN says:

    buffon is 34 reina as won golden gloves the last 3 seasons shared last season but liverpool and man u don’t trade end of and liverpool won’t sell fergie or man u a virus

  9. George says:

    Reina is never going to Man Utd, he may well leave Liverpool come the seasons end, but it won’t be to Man Utd. I’m probably going to look a fool come August with this comment though…

  10. Mr. Angry says:


  11. FTS says:

    I find it hard to belive Reina would go there suppose it comes down to the price in the end LFC still need money.

  12. sue peace says:

    Reina has made a statement on lfc tv he is not leaving liverpool so mancs wil have to look elsewhere!

  13. Rob says:

    Dream on Mancs, the Daily Manc will have to start rumours about another keeper now. How desperate are they having to get the tabloids to do their work for them. Anyway, they can’t afford big players any more. 80 million for Ronaldo goes straight into Glazer’s pocket!

  14. Billy says:

    duperman, Jimbo, Mind Gamer, Bruno, your just what wrong with Manc fans, can’t give credit where credit is due.

    If old nose did manage to Sign Pepe, you kiss his arse just like you do Rooney.

    No class

    Pepe is the best keeper in the Prem 3 or 4 golden gloves proves it, so do one.

  15. joe madigan says:


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