Wayne Rooney Will Face No Punishment For Cowardly Elbow Attack

Chris Wright

28th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

At some point later today Wayne Rooney will discover whether or not he is to be punished by the FA for the cowardly elbow he swung at James McCarthy’s temple during Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Wigan on Saturday.

Rooney’s deep-seated simian aggression reared it’s ugly, pink head once again when McCarthy stepped into his path to impede the United striker’s run, only to receive a glancing blow to the side of the head for his troubles.

Referee Mark Clattenburg didn’t see the incident at the time (to be fair, he had no reason to be expecting a flare-up given the innocuous circumstances) yet still saw fit to give Wigan a free-kick.

As such, should Rooney end up facing a retrospective violent conduct charge after going unpunished during the game itself, Clattenburg will be forced to concoct a plausible explanation as to why he chose to award a free-kick for an incident he clearly did not see when his match report is unveiled by the FA later this morning.

In short, I wouldn’t be overly-surprised if Clattenburg finds himself not getting any of the ‘big games’ for the next week or two.

Even if he is charged by the FA, Rooney could still be available to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tomorrow night if he decides to appeal (which is likely, considering he wasn’t booked) against any prospective charge that may come his way – even if it increases the risk of being slapped with an extra match suspension as punishment for a ‘frivolous appeal’.

That said, before Wigan fans attempt to take the moral high ground, it’s worth bearing in mind that Latics captain Gary Caldwell also came close to severing Patrice Evra’s foot from his ankle with an equally despicable challenge…


UPDATE: Word has just come through that Rooney will not face any punishment for mashing his forearm into McCarthy’s face.

The FA have been told by Clattenburg that he feels he administered the appropriate action, which therefore leaves the governing body powerless to launch disciplinary proceedings against the United striker.

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  1. Clattenburg not seeing something at a Man U game? I’m shocked and surprised. It’s never happened before.

  2. Tinez says:

    It’s a red, but the crimes aren’t equivalent. Caldwell is a poor defender and so challenges late, completely missing the ball. Rooney is a thug, who doesn’t challenge for anything.

  3. Richard Keys says:

    The guy is a complete fucking twat and deserves whatever punishment the PL are going to give him, this whole did Clattenberg act on the incident is stupid, the guy elbowed someone in the face and deserves to be punished.

    What fucking world does this retard live in, he’s on £150k+ a week, never looks remotely happy, always trying to hurt players and can’t even do his job.

    And I’m a United fan, the sooner the guy leaves the better, he’s a fucking disgrace.

  4. Mr.Angry says:

    @ richard keeys

    you are right he is a fucking disgrace he should be banned from the game! disgusting player he’s not world class never was and never will be! just overrated ugly, cheating, thugish, whinning, always shouting at referees, cunt! little scumbag!

  5. The Yank says:

    Sure, Rooney’s grazes a guys face with a stray elbow and everyone wants to see him burn (get over yourself, Richard Keys, this is no time to take such a heavy stance). Meanwhile, Stevie G elbows people all the time and no one says a word. That whiny little bitch made the absolute most of that graze. Had it been a respectable man, no one would’ve said a word because he wouldn’t have start acting like Rooney just scraped at his cheek like a woman.

    We’ve seen this before against Portugal. Rooney didn’t do anything wrong… but wait! Cristiano Ronaldo suddenly appears to whine that Rooney “stomped” on the guy… Rooney sees red, the world sees Ronaldo’s wink.

    Rooney is easy to pick on because how high England puts him, his pay check, and he’s simply not good-looking either. But the responses we are getting from this “incident” are ridiculous. Bottom line is this: Rooney grazed some bitch’s face, he made the absolute most out of it without looking laughable, Wigan lost 4-0, and now they are whining about it. Simple.

    @Richard Keys – Don’t let your heart fill with rage at minor incidentals. Let the fiery passion of justice explode when something truly evil takes place. When Maradona used his hand in 86 and cheated a nation out of its dreams, thats when one should make such claims as you do now. When Luis Suarez lifts his arms and crushes the dreams of an entire continent because he is at the heart of it all, a cheating bastard, thats when you should raise your malicious voice. Not now for it will be wasted.

    I don’t agree with what Rooney did, accident or not. But, if we don’t stop with all this grass-fairy bullshit, the world will be full of Ronaldo’s and Eduardo’s with not a decent man in sight. I’d rather have the days of Terry Butcher or, better yet, Jack Doughty.

  6. Mr.Angry says:

    @ the yank

    do you know what the fuck you are on about? what you feel if i elbowed your face in? think about that you nobhead!

  7. K P V says:

    any player from manchester united, should be allowed to do whatever, whenever. Its manchester united , a club with class and history. I honestly feel united does not need to adhere to the Fa rules, so you know what? Screw wigan , GLORY GLORY


    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  8. Jason says:

    Well I called this on Saturday when it happened. I knew he would escape punishment because it’s Rooney and he’s English and the next 3 games basically decide the title. What a joke the FA is. So predictable. I’d love to see what would have happened if it was Van Persie who did that.

  9. grrrr says:

    @the yank – an elbow in public would be considered assault and HE DID stamp on carvalho’s bollocks

    @andrewabrahim – no, and using yall makes me want to rooney you!

  10. The Yank says:

    @Mr. Angry – Trolls be hatin’ and women be shoppin’.

    @andrewabrahim – Its very simple, ok? Shut up.

    @grrrr – This isn’t public. Its a football match. Shit happens. The game is a rough one and we shouldn’t be trying to squash that. Yes, he did step on Carvalho, but it was entirely accidental. He was trying to find and go for the ball and Carvalho was all over him. He was simply trying to find his footing when Carvalho was already on the ground.

  11. Tinez says:

    @the yank

    great piece of incendiary writing.

  12. Mr.Angry says:

    ok i give up

  13. Chris says:

    @the yank
    Wow. You really seem to have the misogyny and xenophobia bubbling out of you. It’s a bit on the sad side.

    Anyway, the real issue is the ridiculous FA rule that if a player is punished during the match then that’s that. Clattenburg is a glory hound who sucks up to stars all the time and the FA leaves it in his hands to criticize his own judgement? The whole situation is a sham.

  14. V says:

    “We’ve seen this before against Portugal. Rooney didn’t do anything wrong”


    Someone really needs a trip to the youtube wonderland.


  15. Richard Keys says:

    The Yank, shut up.

    He elbowed a man in the face, that is called assault, you can go to jail for shit like that.

    Chris is right, the real issue here is the FA’s fucking ridiculous rule that if the incident was dealt with at the time then no further action can be taken. It was quite clear from the MOTD highlights Clattenburg did not see the incident so why is he lying, because he is a terrible ref with no balls that’s why.

    The FA say that Clattenburg’s actions over the incident were satisfactory, does that mean if someone elbows a player in the face all they will get is a talking to, because if that was to happen and a player got a red then surely in theory that player could appeal and use Rooney’s incident as an example.

    Bottom line, Rooney is a fat thug, Clattenburg is a shit ref with no balls and the FA haven’t got a fucking clue about anything and are a complete joke.

  16. Nuno says:

    I just don’t understand why everybody is sayin Rooney should be punished and nobody says anything about Caldweel’s tackle on Evra. That is a red card for sure and the guy didn’t even got the yellow. If that was an Arsenal player instead of Evra, he would be in the hospital by now with a broken ankle…
    I believe the FA should punish either both or none.

  17. Tyo says:

    What does Babel say?

  18. […] owner Dave Whelan has reacted angrily after the FA announced yesterday that they were powerless to dole out any retrospective punishment to Wayne Rooney, chiefly because referee Mark Clattenburg […]

  19. Tom says:

    @Richard Keys
    Grow up, you old, fat, ugly twat.

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