Sidelined At Man Utd, Rio Ferdinand Models New Adult Onesie

Alan Duffy

9th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

It’s not quite modelling, but beleaguered centre-half Rio Ferdinand recently Tweeted a photo of himself in a fashionable yet hideous onesie. The item was given to the United star by his kids for his 45th birthday, so good on the player for showing it to the public, although the black slip-ons rather ruin the look  (and is that Scalextric in the photo his or his kids??!). One imagines he got loads of “banter” (unfunny, clichéd comments) from “the lads” (team-mates) at Carrington as well.

Fancy decking yourself out like Rio? This way please.

Anyway, with his pace starting to go and with Fergie using the defender less and less, maybe the veteran should look to a career as a catalogue model?