England Players Receive Adorable Little Congratulatory Postcards From Sam Allardyce Two Days After His Resignation (Photo)

Chris Wright

30th, September 2016



England squad members received a curious little keepsake on Thursday in the shape of an adorable little personalised postcard.

Personally signed by Sam Allardyce, each player was sent a card to congratulate them for being a part of England’s win over Slovakia and thus get Big Sam’s reign off to a winning start.

Indeed, Allardyce even personally signed off a message that read: “Well done! Our journey has begun with our first win together. Looking forward to seeing you soon.”


Photo: Telegraph

How positively adorable… the only problem being that the cards arrived two days after Big Sam was so abruptly relieved of his duties by the FA.

One anonymous England source told Telegraph Sport:

You couldn’t make it up. It was obviously meant as a nice gesture, but now the card will become a bit of a collector’s item. It’s priceless!


Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any sillier.

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  1. James Taylor says:

    I don’t get why the FA evidently went to such efforts to promote Big Sam as the national team’s saviour, when in reality he seemed to get the job by default due to a dearth of feasible alternatives.

  2. ToonArmyTX says:

    They were trying to stave off the inevitability of Pardew-ing the England squad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As if a bunch of 20-somethings are going to give a shit about getting a postcard with some daft “motivational”/”bonding” message on it. Should have just sent those ‘passionate’ players a voucher for a free tattoo or twat-esque haircut. They might respond to that.

  4. PleaseSirCanIHaveSomeMoreSpiltBeans says:

    Was Lee Harvey-Allardyce a patsy? Who threatened Pino Pagliara? How big does “their” yacht have to be? Are you still paying into this charade? Are you Sky’s bitch? Many more questions are yet to be asked, let alone answered… hmmmm?

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