Official: Sammy Lee Steps Down As England Assistant After Just Five Games

Chris Wright

6th, December 2016


The FA have confirmed that Sammy Lee has stepped down from his post as England assistant manager after just five games in the job.

The 57-year-old was originally sworn in as Sam Allardyce’s right-hand man back in June, only to see his direct superior get himself canned one game later for the sole crime of being himself – a massive, undulating, guffawing, cud-chewing foghorn of a man.

However, Allardyce’s successor, one Gareth Southgate, has decided against keeping Lee on staff as “he wants his own support team around him” from hereon out.

According to The FA themselves, Lee “fully respects” the decision (still no official line from The FA on Lee being found guilty of falsifying evidence in court, mind you).

Christ, it’s a good job England are almost entirely irrelevant these days.

People might start to laugh.

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