Euro 2016 Mascot Name Revealed As ‘Super Victor’, Also Given Compelling Back-Story

Chris Wright

1st, December 2014


By Chris Wright

As you may remember, UEFA foisted their new, nameless Euro 2016 mascot upon the world a fortnight or so ago, leaving the choosing of his moniker up to fans by way of an online interactive poll – the three choices being Driblou, Goalix or Super Victor.

With voting closing last night, the results have since been totted up by UEFA’s top statisticians and, as such, the Euro 2016 mascot now not only has a cape but an official name as well…

All hail Super Victor! How can we serve thee, oh master?

Indeed, “Super Victor” won with a whopping 51,781 of the record 107,790 votes registered – that’s compared to Driblou’s 26,678 and Goalix’s 29,331.

Here’s a little insight into the labyrinthine back-story behind Super Victor’s name, as per…

“The name Super Victor is based on the idea of victory.”

No. Friggin’. Way.

He’s also made his first appearance in foam-rubber form, appearing on his new Twitter account (@supervictor) to welcome his new followers…


What a time to be alive, eh?