Snapshot: Vandals Burn Rival Club’s Initials Into Oxford United’s Pitch

Chris Wright

16th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

When banter turns to herbicide.

Police are appealing for witnesses after vandals broke into Oxford United’s Kassam Stadium at the weekend and burnt ‘STFC’ – the initials of local rivals Swindon Town – rather shoddily into the pitch with a ‘substance capable of staining the grass’ apologies for using that technical jargon) ahead of Saturday’s derby game between the two sides…

According to the Oxford Mail, the two men responsible were captured on CCTV but are yet to be identified. Anyone with information is asked to contact Thames Valley Police – in other words, they’re hoping for a ‘grass’ to come forward.

*Badum tish!*

Of course, this heinous act of wanton turf abuse comes but six months after the U’s had their £25,000 ox sculpture besmirched with pink paint. The poor buggers, what have they done to deserve this misery?

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  1. STFC says:

    i wish it was me

  2. Kevin Barry says:

    swindon wankers thick as shit

  3. k9 says:

    as a swindon fan, i’m sorry. I know these thugs exist at every club in their minority but with swindon ditching the ‘simple, patient, well run club that will refuse to take shortcuts’ for “we’ve got di canio, buy shirts!” has really made me not care that we lost to cheltenham

  4. Los Bueyos Amarillos says:

    Q: “The poor buggers, what have they done to deserve this misery?”

    A: Establish a vibrant, cultural and educated city in proximity to a town full of inbred scummers who appoint a fascist fool to lead their football team….

  5. joe says:

    Behind the front of oxford university and oxford city centre the real oxford blackbird leys etc ,is a bigger shithole than most towns including swindon

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