Ryan Fraser is a ‘wretched individual’ and a ‘turd’ – Simon Jordan

Ollie Irish

10th, September 2020

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Newcastle is hundreds of miles from Bournemouth. Yasssss!

If I’m Newcastle, I’m looking at this wretched individual thinking: ‘When it came to adversity you didn’t want to stand up’.

I love Stevie Bruce, he’s a big mate of mine, he was a manager of mine at Palace and I think he’s a fantastic manager, I’m a great supporter of his at Newcastle.

But I look at this guy’s character and I think: ‘You’re a turd’.

Why would I want someone like you who, when it comes to adversity or a situation when I’m going to really need you to stand up, are you going to be the same as you were over there [at Bournemouth]?

I think there’s something fundamentally quite repugnant about it.

– Simon Jordan on Newcastle United’s new signing Ryan Fraser

Now Jordan may have his obnoxious, cringe-inducing moments (his Twitter profile is VERY Partridge: “Entrepreneur. Best selling Author. Film Producer. Octane Car magazine founder. Broadcaster Former owner of Crystal Palace F.C.”) but he’s a brilliant pundit precisely because he does not care one bit who he rubs up the wrong way – and this sets him apart from the clique of ex-players who talk about the game on TV and radio.

Fraser could have handled his departure from Bournemouth in a better way, but let’s not misguide ourselves about notions of loyalty in football – there is no more loyalty in football than in any area of business. Players’ careers are very short. There is the ever-present threat of injury. Fans jump on your back after one or two bad performances. There is constant competition from team-mates. Meanwhile, the clubs ruthlessly dispose of players they don’t want. It’s that simple.

And is Fraser glad he doesn’t have to visit the Vitality Stadium next season (cup draws notwithstanding)? Hell yes.