‘I’m So Disappointed In You’ – Crystal Palace Fan Posts Utterly Heart-Broken Response To John Salako’s ‘Brexit/Trump’ Tweet

Chris Wright

16th, November 2016



Though he was more synonymous with the left wing in his playing days, John Salako has today courted a ripple of consternation by emitting a Tweet in which the former Crystal Palace wideman mentioned the EU Referendum, Donald Trump and Gareth Southgate in the same breath.

Drawing parallels with Brexit and Trump, Salako speculated that the FA should hire Southgate as England manager on a permanent basis as it represented a sea change in terms of the established norm.

Of course, Salako’s decision to pin his colours to the Twitter mast was met with an instant wave of dissent, with many users questioning his desire to seek change for change’s sake without deliberating the consequences thereof.

However, none of the replies were more personal and heart-breaking than the one posted by Palace fan (and former Salako worshipper) Chris Emmanuel, who was utterly dismayed to see his childhood idol come down on the side of Trump et al.

Oh man. That’s some powerful sentiment right there.

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  1. JohnD'oh says:

    Just one more reason not to put *anyone* on a pedestal, ‘cept yourself.

  2. FromAfar says:

    Surely Southgate is part of the establishment and represents the exact opposite of a sea change? Yes, young and untested etc. but Under 21 manager and part of the FA for a number of years. He’s more ‘Clinton’ than ‘Trump’ so his argument is flawed.

  3. JohnD'oh says:

    Indeed he is. The FA have to have a “yes man” ‘cos it’s bloated with corporatism & scum. Why do we keep waiting for “them” to come up with a better solution? Ignore/ban/unendorse the FA, they aren’t fit for any purpose other than old school tie buggery. Let’s all please stop waiting for it to get better under their stewardship, they’ve had their chance & fucked it Animal Farm style. Bread & circuses? Let’s turn this franchise around.

  4. Ron says:

    Nobody should support or vote for a man who brags about grabbing women by the pussy. I’ve been in locker rooms my entire life. That isn’t locker room banter, it’s the talk of a rapist. And, he raped Ivana, as she stated in court.

    Dark times in the U.S. Dark times indeed.

  5. Paddy says:

    Get stuffed. You can support who you want and the abuse (“racist, sexist, homophobe”) from the “tolerant left” for having a different opinion is exactly why the likes of Trump and Brexit won.

    Also Trump wants to have laws on immigration… you know like almost every developed nation in the world?

    Don’t get me wrong he isn’t perfect at all, but Clinton and her cronies take money from countries that throw gays off buildings and women can’t leave the house alone.

    If the bloke had put how bad Trump was on twitter, there would be thousands singing his praises. Hypocrisy.

    You lost. Deal with it.

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