Bosnia-Herzegovina Qualify For First Ever World Cup, Pandemonium Ensues In Streets Of Sarajevo! (Photos)

Chris Wright

16th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

Lithuania Bosnia WCup Soccer

Bosnia-Herzegovina qualified for their first ever World Cup finals last night courtesy of a 1-0 win over Lithuania which saw them finish top of Group G and bump boring, boring Greece (who managed a paltry 12 goals during qualifying compared to Bosnia’s 30) down into the play-off spot.

It was shortly after that the whole of Sarajevo went completely barmy (click to flick)…

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Edin Dzeko also posted a few snippets of the pandemonium to his Instagram account…

Madness. Pure, jubilant madness!

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  1. sleeba says:

    Haven’t seen scenes like these since they came 18th in Eurovision Song Contest in 1986. Good Luck in Rio Bosnia-Herzegovinio

  2. Ross says:

    Great to see what football can do to the masses! Got to love those jubilant celebrations!

  3. Bosanko says:

    Definitely feels great to qualify for the first time to a big competition as an independent country! Just a reminder, we were eliminated twice by Portugal in those god-damn play-offs recently! It was really something to get crazy in streets of Sarajevo last night, thanks to our beloved Zmajevi (english: Dragons) for that!! We are small, but we play good attacking football and have some really nice players in our squad.

  4. quebec in your face says:

    Makes us look like a load of tossers. All I did when England won was make myself a brew and proclaim it a ‘bloody good show’. Good to see some Eastern-European flare is guaranteed to be at the worldies. Good luck Bosnia, you shall be my second team.

  5. Per says:

    Picture 19. Very nice, indeed.

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