20 Cracking Photos Of The World Cup Mascots Of Yesteryear

Chris Wright

6th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

This one does exactly what is says on the tin, so without further ado, let’s get stuck in, shall we?


The official 1966 World Cup mascot, World Cup Willie (as portrayed by a Mr George Claydon), seen here posing outside the FA headquarters in London

Geogre Niadenov 1966 World Cup Mascot

Bulgarian goalkeeper George Naidenov proudly shows off his side’s unofficial 1966 World Cup mascot, a wooden toucan

Soccer - World Cup England 1966 - Hillsborough

A Sheffield Wednesday employee sticks up a poster advertising the various World Cup games to be played at Hillsborough

Great Britain Peveril Uwe Seeler Donates Chocolate

World Cup Willie helps Germany striker Uwe Seeler hand out chocolate bars at an orphanage in Derbyshire, 1966

Soccer - FIFA World Cup - Mexico 1970 Mascot - Juanito

Final design for the official 1970 Mexico World Cup mascot, Juanito

Soccer - World Cup West Germany 74

The official mascots for the 1974 World Cup, Tip and Tap, prepare to kick off on the centre spot at Munich’s Olympiastadion

Germany Frankfurt World Cup Soccer 1974 Mascots Tip and Tap

Tip and Tap, in poster form

Soccer - FIFA World Cup - Argentina 1978 - Logo

Gauchito, the official mascot for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina – a small boy in traditional Argentine gaucho hat and neckerchief, and holding a horse whip


England’s World Cup mascot for Spain ’82 – Bulldog Bobby

Soccer - World Cup Spain 82

Bulldog Bobby, in his less flattering foam rubber form

Soccer World Cup 1982

While Naranjito (below) later became the official mascot of Spain ’82, FIFA used the altogether more generic ‘Sport Billy’ on their posters in the build-up to the tournament

Soccer - World Cup Spain 1982

Naranjito: Great mascot, crap suit

Soccer - World Cup Spain 82

Sandy, the mascot who accompanied Scotland on their travels to the Spanish World Cup in 1982

Soccer - World Cup Spain 82

The Northern Ireland World Cup mascot for Spain ’82 – Yer Man

Soccer - World Cup Mexico 86

Pique the Jalapeno, the official sombrero and moustachio-totin’ mascot for Mexico ’86

Mexico World Cup 1986

Mexican fans make their way to a game while wearing official Pique masks

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90

Ciao, the official match-stick mascot for Italia ’90 who just so happened to provided the inspiration for one of the worst cars ever produced – The Italia ’90 Fiat Panda

Diego Maradona 1990

Diego Maradona, looking ever so slightly bemused/ephedrine-addled while posing with Ciao

Soccer - World Cup USA '94 - Tournament Mascot

This gormless looking thing is “Striker the World Cup Pup” – official mascot of USA ’94

World Cup Soccer - France 98 Mascot - in Eric Cantona in Lille neg bag

Footix, giant cock and official mascot of France ’98

Soccer - FIFA World Cup 2002 - Pre World Cup In Seoul City

 Like something you’d get in a happy meal, here is the instantly forgettable Japan/South Korea 2002 mascot trio of Ato, Kaz and Nik – otherwise known as “The Spheriks”.

SPORT Mascot

The frankly rather terrifying Goleo VI (not sure what happened to the previous five) and his equally unsettling little buddy Pille (inset), mascots for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

South Africa Soccer WCup Germany Australia

Zakumi, cheetah-giraffe-leopardy type thing and official mascot of South Africa 2010

Brand Licensing Europe 2013 exhibition

Fuleco, Brazil 2014’s official World Cup mascot, is a Brazilian three-banded armadillo whose name is a portmanteau of “Futbol” and “Ecologia”

Is it just us getting older, or did those World Cup mascots get less and less charming as we scrolled down?

(Photos: PA)

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  1. ERG1008 says:

    I still can’t get over Goleo had no pants!

  2. other dave says:

    the spot of chest hair on the bulldog bobby costume was a nice touch!

    While I agree with your sentiment about the mascots being less charming but in today’s world of political correctness do you think the likes of Pique the Jalapeno would even be considered?

  3. the69ersfc says:

    Goleos brain is exposed.

  4. squiggle says:

    ‘Is it just us getting older, or did those World Cup mascots get less and less charming as we scrolled down?’

    Generally, yes, but they take a big upturn with the last one. Top job, Brazilian designers.

  5. Lady B says:

    Aww I have a soft spot for Zakumi :) Have a large plush one at home

  6. TäSH says:

    The subtle racism of Naranjito and Pique the Jalapeno my not be not exactly charming, but still kinda heartwarming, reminiscent of simpler times.

    I had never heard of Bulldog Bobby, yer man or Sandy and I have to say, those british mascots certainly have the class every single mascot associated with German World Cups lacks.

    Tip and Tap do not look like they should compete in any tournament, unless there is a “Special” in front of said tournament’s name. Goleo, the sex-offending lion, still renders me speeachless every time I look into his blood-thirsty, unforgiving eyes. As for “Pille (engl. pill/tablet)… This little XTC/football-crossover is certainly the dumbest thing in the whole list, even dumber than former Sex-Pistols-member Zakumi or Fuleco. Basicly, everything after Footix, Foghorn Leghorn’s french cousin, should be put down before. Add Striker, this most scabious piece of marketing to the list while you’re at it… And coursed be the happy meals they came from!

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