FAIL: Antoine Griezmann Posts Weak Apology After Sharing Pathetic Fancy Dress Blackface Photo On Instagram

Alan Duffy

17th, December 2017


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Antoine Griezmann scored a massive own-goal on social media on Sunday, after the French striker posted a picture of himself before a fancy dress party, ‘blacked-up’ as an NBA basketball player.

The Atletico Madrid star posted the photo on Instagram, with the caption ’80s party”, along with a basketball and laughing emoji…

Nothing like a bit of casual racism, eh?

Surely, at this stage, people are aware of the origins and problems with blackface, no? Apparently Griezmann isn’t, which is rather appalling.

Not surprisingly, Griezmann has triggered a massive (and totally justified) backlash. Although, no doubt the ‘political correctness gone mad’ crowd won’t stay quiet for too long.

Stick to the cheesy Head and Shoulders ads, Antoine.

UPDATE: The photo was eventually deleted late on Sunday evening on both Instagram and Twitter, with Griezmann posting an apology

“I admit it’s awkward for me. If I hurt anyone, then I’m sorry,” reads the Tweet.

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  1. Jesterminute says:

    How is this racist? I think it’s hilarious. People get offended because he’s changed the color of his skin…..That’s pathetic.

  2. trt says:

    Why don’t you englighten us what is so wrong with going to fancy dress party dressed up as someone of different skin colour?

    Are you not allowed to dress up as someone are not in real life?

    Does this rule extend to girls dressing up as boys and vice versa?

  3. Jimmy the Tiger says:

    “Although, no doubt the ‘political correctness gone mad’ crowd won’t stay quiet for too long.”

    See the comments above. Way to jump on that bandwagon, boys.

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