Carles Puyol Looks Ridiculous In Marie Claire Shoot (With Pics)

Ollie Irish

28th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

Photos: Marie Claire

Puyol being the least metrosexual, image-conscious footballer you can imagine – Paul Scholes apart – this is a brilliantly incongruous photoshoot.

I can’t go without at least mentioning Puyol’s remarkable torso, which detracts attention from his remarkable face.

Via I Love Puyi and Kickette

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  1. bigdutch says:

    all i have to say is WTF

  2. mittens says:

    In the top right-hand pic with the model, doesn’t it look awfully like they’ve photoshopped his own head on from a slightly smaller-scale image?!

  3. Domm says:

    Mittens, I think you could be right?! His neck seems to have vanished…

  4. Uncle Mike says:

    Since when does Puyol NOT look ridiculous? Just because Spain was liberated in 1975 doesn’t mean he can still wear 1975 hair in 2010 and not get called on it!

  5. The Belgian says:

    wow… talk about photoshop

  6. Work it says:

    Not a good model because it shows he’s uncomfortable in front of the camera. A good photographer would have chosen better shots then him climbing out of a pool! The clothing isn’t bad, how many men do you know that are confident enough with themselves to wear pastel colors? Not many. It shows a lot of confidence, so does his choice of hair.

    Say what you like about his face and hair but he has one of the FITTEST bodies I have ever seen. Lots of girls have nice bodies but less attractive faces but it balances out.

  7. Patrick says:

    I cant believe someone is gonna pay to see this, Work It would

  8. […] På tal om mittbackar i Barca så har Puyol debuterat som fotomodell i det franska magasinet Marie Claire. Det handlade om  badkläder. Puyol passade på att ”avslöja” (svårt att följa i badbyxor) att han har tre tatueringar, på armen, på handleden och på nedre delen av magen.  De betyder i ungefärlig översättning: ”Makten ligger i sinnet”, ”Endast de starkaste gör motstånd” och ”Vill ha  makt”. Se bilderna på nya badmodet  här. […]

  9. skaryguy says:

    I’d bet he gets some stick from some of the Barca players for this.

  10. Mark says:

    After their brief meeting at the World Cup 2010 semi-final in Cape Town (see here:), Queen Sofia might just have these photos framed up in her bedroom! LOL. WHAT a body!

  11. ssss says:

    call me strange, but i find his face and hair extremely attractive.

  12. ana says:

    the hottes man alive,he is a real men, not a fag like cristiano ronaldo or david beckham
    he doesn`t care about fashion, and maybe many people considered ugly but heis a realy atractive men
    also he is one of the best defenders in the word

  13. ana says:

    and a realy good person too

  14. dias says:

    Amateur photographer

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