Broke-Ass Portsmouth Ask Carlisle To Pay £20 To Park Team Coach Outside Fratton Park

Chris Wright

18th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

Pompey: Bitches gettin’ PAAAAAIIIIIIIDDD!!!

Having traipsed 350 miles across the country for their League One match against Portsmouth on Saturday, Carlisle were shocked to find that it was going to cost them a further £20 for the privilege of parking their team bus outside Fratton Park.

Carlisle paid the fee but only after boss Greg Abbott bemoaned Pompey’s “sob story”, with a beleaguered Pompey spokesman sighing that the situation was “completely out of their control,” as the land outside the ground was not owned by the club – there’s a surprise – but by >administrators acting on behalf of former owner Alexandre Gaydamak.

We can only imagine the showers in the Fratton Park changing rooms also run on a 20p meter and there is a small service charge for usage of club oxygen while breathing stadium air during matches.

Portsmouth are currently nine points adrift of safety at the bottom of League One, with a ten-point deduction pending for entering administration (for the third time in two years) during the current season.

Jesus Christi, what a omnishambles.

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  1. PompeyPanther says:

    As stated, nothing to do with the club. So a non-story, propogated by poor journalism. Yes, we are in the schit….again, a non-story.

  2. A pissed-off Pompey Fan says:

    If you cant get the true facts then dont report it, Pompey dont own the land yet it is still owned by one of the crooks we are trying to get rid of. This is pathetic criticism for a club who are down and dont deserve to be kicked.

  3. Pompeydave says:

    The headline is totally incorrect. Pompey DID NOT charge Carlisle £20 to park their coach. The administrator of the landowner (not the same administrator for PFC) levied the charge.

    Poor, really really poor journalism…

  4. Alan in Sussex says:

    “Jesus Christi, what a omnishambles.”

    You are about right there you moppet.

    ” Journalist gets paid a lot more than £20 to report nonsense cut & pasted from another inaccurate story. This one couldn’t even break the news himself and just jumped on the bandwagon. perhaps we should all give him 20p for a journalism course. ”

    Why don’t you get your facts straight ! You should donate £20 to the trust to save this great club instead of your inaccurate sensational headline

    Play Up Pompey

  5. marajonna says:

    Alright pompey lads, handbags away.

    Were you guys angry when Arry was guiding you to an FA cup?

  6. Gazz says:

    Has this been edited since the comments? Because Chris clearly states who owns the land

  7. Pissed off Pompey Fan says:

    Why should we be angry when we won the FA Cup, Are the Manchester or Chelsea or Liverpool clubs being accused of anything when they win trophies, they have spent a lot more borrowed money on trying to win trophies but at least we managed to screw them up for winning the cup that year, how much debt has those clubs got? Wait until there sugar daddies throw their toys out of their prams and see how many of their fans rally to save their club. At least we had the balls to take them on and win!!

  8. Pompeydave says:

    Yes but the headline says ‘Broke-Ass Portsmouth Ask Carlisle To Pay £20 To Park Team Coach Outside Fratton Park’ which is just not true. Portsmouth FC did not charge Carlisle to park their coach.

  9. TravisKOP says:

    Jesus christ relax you portsmouth wankers you act like chris ran over your bloody dog or something.

  10. whoooo? says:

    I hate sussex. All our clubs are liquidation fodder.
    Southampton are alright (for the time being) but the place itself is rubbish. never seen so much dog poo and broken glass in my life.

  11. @OldNumber7Shirt says:

    Considering all you Pompey people have been through, it still takes hardly anything to get you all precious and pissy.

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