Perma-Crock Owen Hargreaves Gives It One More Go, Trains With QPR

Alan Duffy

28th, July 2012


By Alan Duffy

Once hated by England fans and then loved by them, Owen Hargreaves, of this video genius,  is now training with Queens Park Rangers in yet another attempt to regain his fitness and to salvage his injury-savaged career.

Despite signing a one-year deal with Man City last summer, the former Bayern Munich midfielder managed only 13 minutes of league action as his body, battered by injuries and bruised by countless operations failed to perform at the requisite level.

Now, the Canadian-born anchor-man is hoping a pre-season (at the very least) under the tutelage of another curly-haired former Red Devil, Mark Hughes, can finally bring about a return to consistent action at the highest level. Hughes said:

“Owen is training with the group. There is no obligation for either party. He is keen to retain his fitness and we are more than happy to help him.”

That’s some enthusiastic, ringing endorsement, eh?!

To be honest, at 31-years of age, you have to doubt whether he’ll ever regain a foothold in the top tier, which is a pity really as he was a very decent player in his prime.

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  2. Australien says:

    Yeah, and why are hardcore football fans going to be interested in chic furniture?!

    The furniture I like is free down the tip off a old chap called Dave!

  3. Gazza says:

    Hargreaves & Dyer…..

  4. JayJay says:

    QPR are making some astute signings….and interests… Go on you Rs!!

  5. Jarren says:

    Think of them as a nice pair of curtains with an attractive beam across the top.

    Hey, if you’re after curtains I hear One Kings Lane is the place to go!*

    What I do find disconcerting is that they literally DEMAND you register on their homepage. You actually can’t browse their website unless you give them your email.

    But I’m sure they’re trustworthy! I mean, what’s not to trust with a website that INSISTS THAT YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL BEFORE EVEN LOOKING AT THEIR FUCKING SITE?

    *other scammers are available.

  6. Stiggy says:

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  7. sloth says:

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  8. plops says:

    I had no idea what anyone was talking about until Stiggy piped up. I’ve never seen an advert on here (apart from the ones just above the comment section for Stylebrity and other sister sites – usually girls with no clothes on). Get adblock.

  9. Guy says:

    3rd’n what Stiggy and plops have mentioned.

    Which makes me wonder, how have you not realized there are programs which block ads for you when you surf the web?

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