Football Comedy Classics: Danny Baker & Danny Kelly In Stitches Over ‘Gordon’s Wooden Bow Tie’ Call-In, 1996/97 (Audio)

Chris Wright

21st, March 2019


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Duncan Ferguson in his Dundee United days (1991). Please enjoy responsibly


When it comes to football phone-ins, Pies generally can’t abide them. This is due to the simple reason that they are, usually, rubbish and completely non-essential listening. The radio equivalent of a glutinous pale mush.

Before the formula was hopelessly bastardised by a talk/sport station we don’t care to mention, Danny Baker and Danny Kelly ploughed a similar furrow on BBC Radio 5 Live – the key difference being that the hosts (Baker especially) were engaging, entertaining, obviously loved football as fans and above all… were quite funny.

Anyway, what he have here is almost without doubt the finest call received in the hit-and-miss history of football phone-ins: it’s Dundee United fan Gordon ringing in to tell Baker and Kelly all about his bow-tie…

Two-foot wide plywood bow-tie with a leather strap on a pole.