Basketball GIF: LA Lakers’ Steve Nash Displays Neat Football Skills On Court

Chris Wright

8th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

LA Lakers’ star Steve Nash is a massive dude. We’ve seen as much several times on Pies before – whether he be part-owning the Vancouver Whitecaps, supporting Tottenham, freestyling in Chinese adverts, stealth-nutmegging Alessandro Del Piero, getting a massage with Landon Donovan or, indeed, being quite good at basketball.

Unfortunately, the Lakers took a bit of a pounding against the Boston Celtics last night, but Nash still found time to air out his freestyle football skills mid-game…

Yep, he’s already silkier than us and he’s theoretically playing his second sport.

(Via 101GG)

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  1. bigdutch says:

    Being a Canadian, I love Steve Nash. Thanks for posting this

  2. usrick says:

    Nice, but he should have finished it off with a nice “nuthin’ but net” looping half volley.

  3. azredarmy says:

    last year when Nash played for the Suns & the NBA season was on strike, a team of ex-pats (Diamonds) roped Nash into playing for them. They won & I think that’s the closest Nash will come to winning anything. Btw, decent player, great change of pace. top bloke with no ego & his warm ups would knacker any pub footballer.

  4. TravisKOP says:

    did you know that ol’ stevie nash had to pick between footy or BBall? yup he couldve gone pro in 2 different sports; his brother is a professional footy player and nashy obviously chose basketball. ive seen that guy chip a basketball into the net past the 3 pt line, hes really good.

  5. gabe says:

    @azredarmy – He’s a top bloke so long as you’re not his, now ex, wife; now that was some drama.

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