Football GIF: Seasoned Samba Superstar Ronaldinho Plays Nifty No-Look Back-Heeled Pass

Alan Duffy

16th, August 2013


By Alan Duffy

Toothsome attacker Ronaldinho has still got it, despite his 33 years. The Brazilian genius demonstrated his other-worldy skills with a wonderful back-heeled pass (without looking) for Atlético Minero against Bahia recently.



(gif: 101gg)

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  1. Wilson says:

    Thats porn right there, Mr Ronaldinho.

  2. Brahma Chopp says:

    F*ggin’ love it. Reminds me of the Van Persie you posted from several months back.

  3. hachel says:

    I would not consider that a no-lock-pass, as it was played completely in the direction of play. where else could he have passed it?

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