Irvin Cardona’s goal against Dijon is iconic

Ollie Irish

14th, September 2020


You might as well shut down this year’s Puskas competition (if it happens), because I doubt we’ll see a more emphatically brilliant goal than Brest forward Irvin Cardona’s gravity-defying, Matrix-worthy strike against Dijon. It’s worth watching from all angles.

It’s the sort of goal that you could imagine Zlatan or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring, but not an unknown striker for a recently promoted Ligue 1 side. Which gives me the idea for a new series: Legendary Goals Scored by Unlikely Footballers (the title needs work), a sort of One Hit Wonders for goals.

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  1. Chris says:

    unkown player, certainly if you don’t follow French championship.
    “unlikely player”, certainly not. He played in U19, U18, U17 with Kylian M’BAPPE at AS Monaco. This duo was fabulous in the youth league.

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