Now You See Xavi … Now You Don’t (Video)

Ollie Irish

31st, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Lovely sleight of foot from Xavi, as spotted during Barcelona’s 3-0 revenge victory at Hercules.

Xavi rules OK.

Via 101GreatGoals

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  1. topheechrisp says:

    Best player in the world. Bar none.

  2. Jedders says:

    genuinely scary how good he is.

  3. Montesquieu says:

    A seriously great talent!

  4. Mr. Volatile says:

    to all you knobheads! xavi is an overrated little shite

  5. S-League Player says:

    @Mr. Volatile: You are either blind or a Real Madrid fan or you don’t know shit about football except for the “wham-bam-thank u ma’am” kick and rush style.

    Xavi is THE Player of 2010. So f**k off back into your hole and come on out only when you’ve learn what real football is all about. Then pay your respects at the feet of Xavi Hernandez!

  6. Varun says:

    @Mr. Volatile
    Xavi is 170cms small
    Makes $7.5 mill a year.
    Goes to check on potatoes in the field on his off days.
    Wins Euros, lot of League titles, a few Champions leagues, plus some World Cups for added spice..

    What do you do?
    Please reply.
    ‘Am desperate to hear.

  7. Philip N Wreh says:

    That display was superb. That was one of his usual display(gymnapstics)

  8. Nick Wiper says:

    to be fair you see skill like this from average players in most games, think this is just being lauded about because it is Xavi. A great player but slighly overated. Nice bit of play here never the less.

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