Shithouse of the Week: Club America head coach Miguel Herrera sent off for another hotheaded reaction

Ollie Irish

20th, December 2020

In his playing days, Miguel Herrera was a proper shithouse defender. He won 14 caps for Mexico before hanging up his boots and going into management. Usually management would smooth out the rough edges, but in Herrera’s case, the opposite has been true. That’s an understatement: he is probably the greatest shithouse manager of all time.

Get this: Herrera, nicknamed ‘El Piojo’ (‘The Louse’ – charming, eh) been sent off or suspended more than 40 times as a manager. That’s not a typo. I repeat: more than 40 times. He is one angry little man.

The Louse, currently boss of Club America, added to his rap sheet on Saturday, when he was sent off for an altercation with LAFC assistant coach Ante Razov (no shrinking violet himself) during a testy CONCACAF fixture:

Herrera’s shithousing did not stop there. Having been sent to the stands, he proceeded to whip out a walkie-talkie and give instructions to his bench:

Consequently, according to reports, Herrera was dismissed from the stands as well. Look, he’s so angry, one of his eyes filled up with blood.

Incidentally, Club America ended up losing 3-1 to Bob Bradley’s LAFC, despite playing against ten men, so you could say karma kicked Herrera and co. in the cojones.

Match highlights:

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