Star in your own personalised Spurs adventure!


18th, September 2007


jolbook.pngThis 24-page children’s book has to be the ideal gift for any self-respecting Tottenham fan: ‘Become the star of this fantastic story, play for Spurs and score the winning goal in the cup final.’
My favourite part has to be the personalisation options, which include ‘Name, Skin tone, Hairstyle and colour, Tottenham colours and strip, Two Favourite players and Martin Jol’. Brilliant – I love the fact that Martin Jol is an option.
Snap up this book now before Jol is crossed off the options list. Buy it

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  1. Number8 says:

    Does the little boy in the story get a tummy ache and qualify for the Uefa Cup?

  2. Olly says:

    Does the boy get harrassed from the big bad peado Arsene Wenger?? – ‘my what a big bag of sweets you have”