10 Players In Need Of A January Loan Move

Chris Wright

7th, December 2011


By Chris Wright

Here we go folks. Pies’ pick of the top ten Premier League players who are in desperate need of, or who could simply benefit tremendously from, a loan move come January time…

10. Carlos Tevez, Man City

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way up top. Tevez doesn’t want City, City don’t want him and he’ll be shipped out to whoever’s willing to stump up the money (i.e, AC Milan) as soon as the calendar ticks over into 2012. City obviously want to get shot and sell the ork in their ointment outright, but a precursory, water-testing loan move looks much more likely.

9. Jermaine Defoe, Tottenham

Pretty low on the list because ‘Arry Redknapp wouldn’t let it happen in a month of Sundays and he’ll still be in England’s Euro 2012 squad even if he doesn’t play again between now and July, but Defoe is a tried and true striker capable of nabbing 15+ goals in the Premier League and is stuck down the pecking order behind the more versatile and imposing Emmanuel Adebayor at Spurs. There’s rumoured interest from Everton and QPR, but let’s be real – it ain’t gonna happen.

8. Sebastian Coates, Liverpool

Yes, I know he’s only just arrived at Anfield but bear with me. Coates has looked intermittently ‘polished’ and ‘flimsier than a box of wet tissues’, with precious little of the ‘inbetween’ during his first few outings at the back for Liverpool and could benefit greatly from a few months on loan at a side where he’d be playing regularly in the Premier League. Someone like, say, Bolton?

While we’re on the subject, Liverpool could probably afford to farm out a couple of their phalanx of promising young full-backs (Wilson, Robinson, Flanagan, etc) come the New Year to a Championship club in dire need of defenders. Someone like, say, Forest?

7. Florent Malouda, Chelsea

Simply too good to go to waste, Malouda has spent the majority of his time on the Chelsea bench this season after scoring a shed load last time out. He’s 31 now and definitely past his peak, but not by much. Definitely has a swan song left in the tank but, given the arrival of Juan Mata and the emergence of Daniel Sturridge, it almost certainly won’t come at Stamford Bridge.

6. Sebastien Squillaci, Arsenal

Just needs to get the hell out of Dodge pronto. Not wanted and, furthermore, not really needed – at least until the ominous call is next sounded that Thomas Vermaelen has been ruled out ‘for a few weeks’ that is and an immediate recall is required. As a great man once said, that’s why they put erasers on pencils.

5. Paul Pogba, Man Utd

Pogba spent last season rocketing goals in from 25+ yards for United’s reserves on an almost weekly basis and, at the age of 18, has already been handed a few full starts in the Carling Cup. He’s apparently not quite ready to be trusted as a regular starter at Old Trafford despite their paucity of midfield options, but Pogba has a glowing reputation at the club and has been earmarked for greatness by those in the know, so a clearer shot at regular first-team football on a temporary basis somewhere else may be called for to stave off those itchy feet and so the rest of us can see how good he really is.

4. Josh McEachran, Chelsea

Another 18-year old midfield tyro who has been earmarked for great things and has shown glimpses of great maturity and finesse whenever given the chance, but who also has the misfortune of being stuck behind a raft of more senior competition. Chelsea would be loathe to lose McEachran with him this close to bloom so, as with Pogba, a wodge of first-team football at a surrogate club would surely be beneficial to both parties?

3. Emmanuel Frimpong, Arsenal

Fast, ultra-mobile, committed and ever-so-slightly completely bloody manic, Frimpong is undeniably the ‘denchest’ player in the Premier League and could be an immense destructive midfielder in the Essien (of a couple of years ago) mould if he succesfully curbs his lunatic tendencies. Only problem is, Alex Song has been an absolute colossus for Arsenal this season and, while that’s good news for the Gunners, it’s not particularly great for Frimpong’s development.

2. Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea

Even if Nicolas Anelka calls it a day and goes chasing the Arab/MLS/Chinese coin in January, Chelsea will still have a lot of good strikers and Lukaku isn’t in amongst them at the moment. Nearly joined Stoke on loan in the summer until a pesky little Premier League ruling that states a player can’t sign for one club then go out on loan in the same window came to light. He may still only be 18, but the Belgian made a blistering start to his young career in his homeland and it’s in real danger of fizzling out if he stays where he is.

1. Adam Johnson, Man City

Man City have a lot of players competing for those spots on the flank in Roberto’s front three and Johnson routinely finds himself behind not only David Silva, Mario Balotelli and Samir Nasri but James Milner as well – whose higher defensive work-rate is obviously preferable to Johnson’s nimble, flighty approach play. Needs to be on that plane to Polkraine next summer, and needs to get games to prove his worth to Fabio Capello. A loan move is a no brainer, but it probably won’t happen if Mancini gets his way.

Agree/Disagree? Any outstanding candidates we’ve missed? Let us know all about it in the comments box below…

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  1. AT says:

    I think Adam Johnson would be a certain starter at pretty much any other team, would of done great at Liverpool or Arsenal….shame.

  2. Nasser says:

    Adam Johnson is the reason I watch City!… Well, that’s a lie but he’s bloody entertaining. I second AT’s comment.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Tom says:

    I doubt Malouda will go out on loan, he gets the odd game and really hasn’t impressed to be honest.
    I would love to see McEachran go to Swansea

  5. STFC says:

    Like the idea of Mceachran to Swansea, that would be a perfect fit. Given Brenden Rodgers probably still has many friends at chelsea he could make it heppen.

    Also feel Adam Johnson, except for maybe Young, is the pick of the English wingers and definitely should start for us. It’s just such a shame he doesn’t get the chance to show it at City, cos he sure as fuck would at the 19 other clubs in the prem.

  6. Jay says:

    Is there not a rule about playing for 3 different clubs in 1 season?
    So Lukaku and Coates would be ruled out!

    Adam Johnson is 1 man city player i actually like!

    As for Pogba, hope hes given his chance at OT!

  7. syndex says:

    word is we (everton) are looking at frimpong as a temporary replacement for heitinga (who will be off to psv), Lukaku to play up front and have spoken to Defoe who thinks he can still garner the 90k+ wages (hmm not at goodison mate). That said we are apparently in a relationship with Real Madrid at the moment so we could see some very strange imports in.
    All that said I do support everton so the chances are we will have a past it codger up front, a callow youth who will turn up at coventry in two years and a shitelot of bullshit and speculation.

  8. MaxMad says:

    Haul Adam Johnson out to Arsenal, that would be majestic.

  9. Harry says:

    Villa are in need of something. Anything. I’d take Pogba, Lukaku, Johnson & many more youngsters on loan & I think they would all get in over the under-performing players we have currently. Although a defender or two would be nice.

    In: Lukaku Johnson Coates Pogba
    Out: Ireland N’Zogbia Heskey Hutton

    No doubt we will sign two injury prone 30-something year olds.

  10. syndex says:

    BTW out of the lot I would take frimpong, he is dying at arsenal and needs to be at a team where he will be allowed to put it about a bit (unfortunately I more see bolton than us).

  11. Chris says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Johnson staying where he is. City plan on staying long through all competitions (delusional about today me thinks)and they’ve got the money to keep one cautious eye on injuries and fading form. He’s pretty much kept form and been good when he gets on. He’s also Silva’s best buddy- they’ll certainly want to keep Merlin happy- so in their view why get rid?
    Coates has had little play but since Kenny’s had the smarts to start benching Carragher he’s started doing much better. And if anything happened to Agger (which is almost certain) or Skrtel they’d be screwed, especially without Lucas to shore up the line when needed. Also as it’s going they don’t have much to keep Suarez happy (I’m lookin’ at you, Carroll)so getting rid of his compatriot seems far-fetched.
    Any thoughts on the David Luiz rumblings?

  12. atotaltoal says:

    Niko Kranjcar is far too good a player to be warming the bench

  13. Jimbo says:

    Johnson doesn’t need to go on loan, he needs to be sold. Too good a talent to rot on citeh’s bench

  14. David Badknob says:

    Sorry to go off topic Chris but as a Brighton fan I’d like to apologise for last Saturday. Floodlight robbery that!

    • Chris says:

      @David Badknob: It’s okay, I was fully expecting it for the first 91 minutes anyway. Pessimism is the best form of defence when you’re a Forest fan.

  15. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    Think Marc Albrighton should be included. McLeish doesn’t like him for some reason. He had a very decent debut season last year.

  16. JP says:

    Seems pretty obvious, but I hate to see Kiko Macheda rot on the pine @ United. Might be bc I am Italian and biased but I think he deserves more towards some development.

    Also David Luiz might need some fresh ground. I still think he is class but judging by his performances of late he might need a kick in the arse.

  17. frank says:

    Can we not just forget tevez exists please? dont know why he is given any thought,such a boring topic now, not sure why anyone would want him either… surely milan would be better off spending time/money on a new goalkeeper/defence that would actually make them pretty formiddable, attack is already pretty sweet. The Toon could do with a c.b with something to prove, preferably pacey and strong! would need experience though i think if pardew was to be convinced to actually play him… i’d take coates though or even squillaci.

  18. Sheasy says:

    zeki fryers maybe? played a few times in the carling cup but would love to see him get time in the prem…especially since the da silva twins are made of glass and dont know if they have a future at OT bc they cant stay on the pitch longer than 30 mins

  19. JP says:

    I also reckon Carl Jenkinson over at Arsenal could use a loan spell. He has showed a few glimpes but has been frieghtening for the most part.

  20. BallsDeep says:

    Adam Johnson..wasted at City. As for Romelu Lukaku, he needs a loan move asap.

  21. Adam Johnson's Dad says:

    It seems like every time Adam Johnson gets on the pitch he creates opportunities for himself and others. Sad he’s behind Milner (who I haven’t seen create many chances this season) and Barry (who is just “meh”).

  22. xavier says:

    Adam Johson to Arsenal would be scarry no wing defender would like to play another match him and Gervinho alsmost undefendable. I think you missed Macheda in the list i think he has great potential but has to play way more.

  23. nat says:

    I love how y’all keep using that McEachran pic that magnifies his “Son of Satan” look.

  24. Solihull United says:

    i think clint dempsey should leave fulham. hes really underrated and i could see him doing great at liverpool or tottenham if defoe goes

  25. human.gps says:

    Andrei Arshavin… go back to Zenit & get primed for Polkraine. Giovani DosSantos… great talent but is nowhere at Spurs, should vie for La Liga. And how quickly we forgot about Wayne Bridge…

  26. Questionable says:

    Adam Johnson needs to start regularly! i would kill to sell off maxi and pick him up on Liverpool. Kid’s got talent and it needs to be exploited properly

  27. chimpo says:

    i thinnk mceachran is off to bolton- to smooth the sale of cahill to chelsea

    the kids our best upcoming talent and the loan did wonders for sturridge

  28. CFC_Jay says:

    Id love to see young Josh McEachran get more of a run out at Chelsea, the boy has serious talent plus a real cool & mature head for someone his age! but as he’s not getting many opportunities then a loan spell would be fantastic for all concerned!
    With regards to Malouda, we (chelsea) must get rid of him. He has been dead wood for a couple of seasons now and only has a good game once in a blue moon which just isnt good enough at the level we play. Also add to the rubbish tip: Mikel, Kalou, and Bosingwa…….all of which are and have been totally useless for some time now!

  29. dave says:

    it’s a shame adam johnson doesn’t play more often. he creates too many chances to sit the bench.

    if fabio capello knows what’s good for his squad, he’ll have johnson in poland/ukraine whether or not he’s playing on a regular basis. leaving him out would be criminal.

  30. matty says:

    Jermaine Deofoe would be a most welcome addition to QPR but there’s more chance of getting George Best’s reanimated corpse TBH.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain (did I spell it right?) doesn’t seem to be getting the games his league cup appearances have merited, we’ll have him too please!

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