Martin Skrtel Uses The Media To Remind Liverpool Of His Value

Paul Sorene

5th, June 2015


Is every part of Liverpool summer to be played out in the media? Martin Skrtel, 30, has told everyone the contract Liverpool have offered him is “unacceptable”.

As his current deal enters its final year, Skrtel told Slovakia’s Aktualne news:

“Sure. I think a contract like this is offered to players who are much older than me or to players who have had some health complications. But I feel good and not so old to sign this contract. Also I think my health is OK.”

“The contract offered is unacceptable for me; this is the reason why I didn’t sign it. I am still waiting for the new contract. I still have a contract running with the club.

“There was some speculation about interest from other clubs but that is not coming from me. Now I am with the national team and will be going on holiday after that.”

Good of Skrtel to mention in an interview that speculation over other clubs does not come from him. While not exactly a ‘come and get me’ plea, Skrtel has reminded Liverpool of his status. They’d be foolish to let him go.

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  1. Biggiesmalls says:

    Man, who is this new cunt author, writing shite all over all favorite footballing blog

  2. Degs says:

    Skrtel has earned a new deal over the past couple of season.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sack Rodgers for god Sake..
    He will make Liverpool go backwards..
    Cannot handle player management skills…
    EG Steven Getrard, Raherm, Agger and now Skyrtel.
    Get rid of him now.
    Absolute Shizzer coach with no imagination.
    Bring in Klopp now to save the club for future demises..
    Sick of Rosgers and this Spanish shizzer of thinking he can play like Spain style.
    Gies and gets educated there and thinks he knows the Spanksh style..
    His a Flop and last year Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez had a day out

  4. Georgie 08 says:

    can someone on that board off Fenway sports group sack Rodgers now to save next season face..
    He obviously cannot player manage at all..
    EG captain magnificent Steven Gone.
    Daniel Agger gone, even though we needed quality defenders this year.
    Raherm wants to go.
    And now Skyrtel..
    When will Liverpool actually learn to succeed you need a good manager..
    Go get Klopp now.
    All these players should be still at club not getting Shizzer players that Ridgers thinks that they are good..
    What a joke we will become…
    Can’t handle players then move along Brendin.
    Your shit

  5. Iain says:

    Rogers is not the problem.I very much doubt that he is the one negotiating contracts, that probably goes on at director level. The same directors who dont seem to be able to land any of the first choice transfer targets that are identified and leaked to the media.

    As an aside I really wish Liverpool would shut up about transfer targets until they actually land them, Last year it was sad reading about the great players Liverpool wished to bring in, knowing that it just wasnt likely to happen. They talk the talk, players identified to the media went on to do great things, just at other clubs. Whoever is supposed to be landing these deals just cant walk the walk. Some of the players brought in will no doubt improve in the coming seasons, and some wont, but thats the same with all clubs transfers.

    Its been apparent for a while that Liverpool need a “Director of Football” type person who can deal with the contract issues and attract and land elite players, leaving Brendan Rogers to focus on what he is best at, which by all accounts is coaching the best out of the players he has.

    The lack of transparency about who is responsible for what is also an issue, and a side effect of this “transfer committee” nonsense. Make a single person responsible overall, either the manager or a DoF, then there can be no question of who should be accountable.

  6. Iain says:

    Gerrard needed to go, his legs were gone and the whole team had to be set up to accomodate that. Some of our best performances were when we no longer had to do that.

    He is a great man and an unbeleavable tallent, but time catches up with everyone and it was always going to be a horrible job to deal with the transition to a Gerrardless club.

    He could have stayed in some capacity, but he chose to continue his playing career somewhere where less dynamism is required so that he could play every week. He recognised that he couldnt cut it game in game out any more at Liverpools level, so fair play to him. I dont see how this falls at Rogers feet.

  7. TravisKOP says:

    @Iain: well said mate

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