Doncaster Rovers Fan Pesters Club About New Signings For Weeks Until They Cave In And Respond In Cracking Fashion

Chris Wright

10th, June 2015


By Chris Wright

After being pestered week in, week out on Twitter by a fan demanding to see some action on the transfer front, Doncaster Rovers finally caved today and gave in to his wont.

The Donny fan in question, Lee Miller, spent the last three weeks repeatedly barracking the club’s official Twitter account with his gripes about what he deemed to be a lack of ambition being shown in the transfer market…

Indeed, it went on…

…and on…

…and on…

In fact, it went on right up until the point that Donny broke and succumbed to Lee’s continual demands – in just about the coolest way possible!

That’s right. Rovers contacted Lee, invited him down to the Keepmoat and charged him with officially unveiling the club’s new signing, Thorsten Stuckmann, brought in from Preston on a two-year deal…

Mercifully, the experience seemed to change Lee’s tune…

Persistence, people. It definitely gets results.

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  1. David Hoffenheim says:

    I wonder which one is the player…

  2. Neil says:

    Too bad for the Doncaster fans who didn’t sit whining like a baby because their team didn’t sign anyone. In future just complain to your club and you’ll be rewarded.

  3. Thomas H. says:

    @Neil: Quite right. What a disrespectful little s**t Lee Miller is. You just know he wouldn’t have made the follow-up tweet about believing in Dickov had the club not done this.

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