Why is £5 million the going rate for crap Championship players?


13th, July 2007


Chopra.JPGIf anyone knows Pies would really like to find out what the answer is. Michael Chopra is the latest player to move for a ridiculous fee. Cardiff have flogged the 23-year-old striker to Roy Keane’s Sunderland for £5 million, and who can blame them. That is an extra nought on the figure they paid Newcastle for him last summer. Yes, he had a decent season and scored 22 goals but does that really mean he is worth £5 million?
Championship clubs seem to be able to hold teams to ransom over their players. And some clubs are daft enough to go for the bait. Jason Koumas’s £5.3 million switch from West Brom to Wigan earlier this week is a case in point. I imagine it is only a matter of time before someone pays over the odds for West Brom’s Curtis Davies. Is it dangerous to see Championship players costing this much? Or is it good to see that Football League teams don’t have to sell their best players and can hold out for a big fee?

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  1. chringle says:

    yeah, fuck ’em! the lower leagues should get every last possible penny from the premiership. I agree players like Koumas and Chopra are vastly overrated but who cares? Let premiership clubs share the wealth if they’re stupid enough to.

  2. joe says:

    For quite a number of years the lower divisions have been forced to sell players, often at a fraction of their value because they wanted to leave for Premiership football and there was little the smaller clubs could do to hold them. Its their chance to extract a bit of revenge and especially considering the 50million per team tv deal for the top division sides, its hard to get too weepy for them. Incidentally, if anyone’s looking for a left back I’m available for 5.25 million!

  3. Fenris says:

    Every pound that’s going from the Prem to Championship teams is heading the right direction.

  4. Adam says:

    I agree with the above in theory, but then again, where does that leave teams in leagues 1 and 2?
    As an obsessive Newcastle fan I know that Chopra is not a premiership class player. He scored 3 goals in 30 starts for us, one of them being against Cheltenham in the cup, and another against definite relegation team Sunderland. 5million is outrageous for Chopra, and Keano, the man who is calm even though he should be sh*tting himself, has been mugged.