Roy Keane blasts ‘weak players’ for following their wives


15th, August 2007


_42023998_keane300.jpgOur question asking whether footballers are under the thumb seems to have been answered by that eternal fountain of testosterone himself, Roy Keane.
The Sunderland manager has missed out on a few signings this summer and has launched one of his infamous tirades in the direction of ‘weak and soft’ players who are dictated by their WAGs.
‘I think it’s weak. You see it with a couple of big players now. Clearly their wives and girlfriends are running their lives and that’s a bad sign.

‘Retire at 35 or 36, you can live wherever you bloody well like — London, Monaco, wherever — and any half-decent footballer will be a multi-millionaire anyway,’ he ranted.
The fiery manager also suggested that the only reason that a player would move to a smaller London club ahead of the North East is ‘clearly because of the shops’.
Is Keano just chewing on sour grapes? Or are players really more worried about keeping ‘er indoors happy by moving within free delivery distance of Harvey Nichols?