Fernando Torres ‘Diabolical’ – And Has Steven Gerrard Lost Faith In Liverpool’s Star Striker?

Ollie Irish

13th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

An Anfield insider tells me that Liverpool’s dressing-room leaders – Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, in case you didn’t know – are fast losing faith in Fernando Torres.

Sky Sports fuckwit pundit Jamie Redknapp, who claims to be a big fan of Torres, described Nando’s admittedly lethargic display at Birmingham City on Sunday as ‘terrible’ and ‘diabolical’, and it seems there’s a growing feeling that the Spaniard has fallen out of love with Liverpool, if not the fans who adore him. He was pretty rubbish at St Andrews, appearing like a man going through the motions, and with some reluctance to even do that – Torres doesn’t smile much these days, does he; his body language is obviously that of a discontented man.

In defence of Torres, he signed for what he thought was a much bigger club than Atletico Madrid (Liverpool were sold to him and his people as the Barcelona or Real Madrid of England – that went well, eh) and in 2007 perhaps that was true of Liverpool – but the fact is, he has ended up at another second-tier club, trying to win games almost on his own (along with Gerrard, of course). Torres came to Liverpool to win things and further his career, not to be the leader of a team struggling to qualify for Europe, as he was for Atleti. Back to square one then.

In the light of his undoubted ability, Torres is refreshingly free of Zlatanesque ego, and I think it’s very harsh to criticise a player who has given more than his pound of flesh to the Kop. But I suspect he’s still pissed off that he was injured during the summer transfer window, and so couldn’t get a move away from Anfield.

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  2. mark says:

    The two leaders of the dressing room that are yet to speak out against our owners, unlike Nando and Pepe…

  3. gaptooth says:

    too much comment – too soon

    same points as both spurs and man city (our biggest rivals) having played man City , arsenal and man u (next week)

    FT has been poor for a while – including the later part of last season – something is not right there – nothing a brace or a hatrick wont fix

    hodgson needs to be bolder and also try switching wingers (ie left footed on right wing and visa versa)
    but with Joe Cole back and meireles looking decent – im not panicking just yet

  4. hamo sman says:

    tores wantes more fiting nathing else he likes liverpool and also live fan,s like 2

  5. John says:

    If we lose again against Man U, then Liverpool have to considered to sack Roy Hodgson because he is just not good enough for Liverpool. When the team sheet for Birmingham comes out, i already knew that we are not going to win that match. And, it’s seem that my predictions to be true. Torres do not play well because he does not have a partner to played with, whereas he is good for Spain just a week ago.
    Gerrard just could not partner Torres and deserves to be in midfield rather than partner Torres.

    Lucas and Poulsen have to be dropped, if not we are not going to win any games under them. Roy Hodgson just does not trust Pacheco, Babel, and instead sticking with Lucas, Poulsen, Ngog, Kuyt, Jova, then we are going nowhere under these kind of stupid manager.

  6. Cassious says:

    that article up there is total bullshit! whoever wrote that is a tit! its very very early in the season… we(liverpool fc) will win the premiership!

  7. anon says:

    He mite of done what Rooney did….possibly!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “If we lose again against Man U, then Liverpool have to considered to sack Roy Hodgson”

    Don’t be so stupid- he’s only been in charge for 4 games, of which he has only lost one. Idiot.

  9. Dave Macbeth says:

    “If we lose again against Man U, then Liverpool have to considered to sack Roy Hodgson”

    Dont be stupid- he’s only been in charge for 4 league games- of which he has only lost 1. Idiot!

  10. PhilandoTorres says:

    Anyone who saw Torres’ two goals in midweek (weak opposition or no) will tell you there’s fuck all wrong with Torres but a little lack of sharpness.

    Jamie Redknapp and cunts like him need to reserve thier judgement til at least halfway through the season.

  11. m kop says:

    I wouldn’t be smileing much if I had Torres’s ability’s and playing for Liverpool.
    As much as we hate to admit it, Torres would be winning things if he signed for Man.Utd. or Chelsea and not Liverpool FC.

    He stayed, and he didn’t try to force his way out so I dont doubt his commitment to the club.

    But I’m sure he is disapointed with the club’s politic sell for 30 mil. and then buy for 13, and he probably has doubts about new manager who seems to have all the support of the media just for being English.

  12. Jessica Torres says:

    he wasn’t diabolical he wasn’t fantastic but he wasn’t that bad he’s injurd and he is finding his way back to full fitness plus he said that he is happy at Liverpool

  13. Mish says:

    Another article written by a bitter cunt who doesn’t understand football.


    The man’s unfit, fresh back from a prolonged period out with severe injury. He’s hardly played in the last 6 months! As for Carra and Stevie ‘losing patience’ you’re just grasping at straws there, trying to get some publicity for your squalid little blog.

    Jog on, toss-rag.

  14. BC says:

    He cannot put smile on his face just because the way lucas play. So disappointed with watching lucas play. the ball cannot passed to his feet in the whole 90mins just vs Brimingham. how can he smile? I can imagine how Man U fans laughted at our team when they watch lucas playing. Not only F.T, I was so so angry when watching our central midfielder played.

  15. Denzil Ruiters says:

    Why is it that when Gerrard and Torres play for there countries, they show urgency and the will to win. Gerard and Torres are not playing the same football for Liverpool. Yet every one protects them because of the past, but a player is only as good as his last game. They both also complain about titles, yet they play as if they have no purpose, drive, goals or interest. I am so confused, because I promise u the next game they will show skill again, it’s almost a moodswing team, is this because they can do as they please based on power?
    I don’t know, but I’d rather have Babel play striker, atleast you sea someone with heart and the will to run! – Lastly, why Lucas is always playing is VERY confusing, Seems like Roy is just like Bernitas, they see something that I don’t – What a terrible player Lucas is, and Liverpool looks useless and stupid with Lucas and Poulsen – I am a liverpool fan, but they are useless, because there is no wing play, no midfield creativity, no striker and no manager, because they have no clue of how to get a winning team with the players they have, Surely there must be atleast! one person that can see this at liverpool. Yet they are my team, but I am totally disgusted with there attitudes and displays, they need to get back to basics and enjoy soccer again. But who am i? Just a nother diabolical fan i suppose.

  16. Gamblino says:

    I think this is bang on.

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  18. Mr. Angry says:

    gerrard and torres will be firing in all cylinders and we will win the premier league!

  19. michael says:

    who writes this crap…

  20. sue peace says:

    Torres definitely looked as if he couldnt be bothered against Birmingham, sometimes his body language gives the impression hes not happy. im sure he will be up for sunday against man u, but come on Fernando we need that in every game!

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