Milan Jovanovic Already Contemplating Liverpool Exit

Chris Wright

2nd, October 2010


By Chris Wright

Liverpool forward Milan Jovanovic has admitted that he is already considering leaving the club, despite having only signed from Belgian side Standard Liege just two short months ago.

Jovanovic is quoted in this morning’s Sun as saying;

“I am starting to find the time dragging on. I’m a fighter but if things do not sort themselves out I will change club – even though it is too soon to think about it yet.

I’m on form, I’m working hard and I have started eight competitive games. But I’ve not been in the starting XI for the last few matches – and I’ve not even come on as a sub.

The Serbian international also went on to lament the fact that, due to the physical nature of English football, he is required to defend from time to time;

“I have to adapt to a new system over here. I have to defend all the time. Just three or four teams in the Premier league play attractive football. The others set great store by commitment, discipline and defending.

I miss Standard and the city of Liege.”

Ta-ra la.

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    In a dire state the bin dippers are…

  2. Luke says:

    Lack of commitment and lazy, standard premier league import

  3. yuan says:

    i hope you beeter leave asap! your face didnt fit to play for liverpool! ugly man!

  4. paul says:

    Puss in boots, if your not happy just go back to where you came from. No player is bigger than LFC.You must work harder, what I have seen already he doesnt fit the bill so cash the spoilt child in next January. He aint a team player just out for his own glory

  5. paul says:

    He should go to rafa at inter milan, after all it is his fault you are at Liverpool not Roy Hodgson’s so piss off to rafa in January but you would probably be moaning there after two months aswell and wanting to move again!!!

  6. Boby says:

    This news is absolutely made up!
    Milan confuted this news today saying that he did’t have any interview with the Sun, the people from Sun made up whole story!
    He said that since he got in Liverpool he didn’t give any interviews to press, except for the Liverpool’s web site!
    He said that he is delighted in Liverpool for now, he is in big club, and that he is completely satisfied there!

  7. Jh says:

    Don’t think this story is true. I doubt any Liverpool player will give an interview to the S*n newspaper, of all tabloids.

    Either way, he has to buck up his form if he wants to have a start.

  8. jamie says:

    Let him off, there is no smoke without a fire, he aint a liverpool player and is not suited to the english game, thank god he was a free transfer. Maybe roy could get 6 of 7 million in january for him along with getting rid of a handfull of other wasters. I dont no where this club is going, is roy the man?? i cant see him there next year, we are in hudge trouble, any comments on this???

  9. deckard says:

    he’s crap like 9/10 serbian players usually are. vidic, stankovic etc some rare exceptions but look at all the ones who were pathetically hyped up an never go nowhere i.e sulejmani, kezman, tosic, rajkovic etc

  10. paul says:

    ya deckard I fully agree with you the man is a complete waste of space like most serbians, but unfortunately liverpool have a habit of attracting and bringing in crap like him!!!!!!

  11. ted says:

    sent the serb to fucking rafa at inter, the two fucking tos pots would be suited until they would fall out!

  12. james says:

    that jovanovic doesnt understand white lines, the donkey keeps running over the touch line honestly, is he fucking blind?? the last prick that had the same problem understanding the white lines on a pitch at liverpool was titi camera, i never thought i would see it again but milan jovanovic is here, ya ted shunt the bling prick to rafa and he will even end up worse than he is!

  13. jj says:

    if the prick misses standard liege would he mind fucking off back to them because he has noting to offer in england never mind liverpool!! he may suit the toffies!!!

  14. pete says:

    if he went to everton he would end up in jail like that ass duncan ferguson!

  15. len says:

    he should fuck off back to standard liege if he misses it so much, he doesnt understand the white lines on a pitch, honestly he keeps running over the sidelines, is the cunt blind?? last man i seen with that problem was titi camera

  16. paul says:

    Fuck jovanovic they should get rid of the whole fuking lot including roy hodgson after loosing to blackpool, worst day in lfc history, if they keep this up they will be religated and i couldnt give a fuck at this stage

  17. len says:

    i agree there paul, there a fucking discrase, torres is fucked again, i think the english game is too tough for him, and the money these fuckers are getting. I dont no who liverpool are fit to beat? its gone to a stage that they cant take even the shit teams for granted, but not they are in the shit bracked. This is a team quickly going nowhere with a very over rated manager. Martin o neill is needed urgently to replace grandad

  18. sue peace says:

    After watching liverpool get beaten by blackpool today, my opinion is that any players who dont want to play should get out and that looks like half the squad after todays shambolic performance, love stevie but he cant keep the team going single handed!Losing patience with torres aswell!

  19. Rob says:

    The worst day in LFC history was April 15th at Hillsbrough, have some perspective mate.

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