Liverpool Boss Roy Hodgson Eyes ‘Tottenham-Style’ Signings

Chris Wright

20th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

“I wonder if Jonathan Greening’s back on the market yet?”

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has confirmed that he will be allowed access to NESV’s coinpurse come the turn of the year, and that he is looking to mirror Harry Redknapp‘s ‘gung-ho’ approach to squad assembly by making several January signings to help mould the Reds in his image.

Said Woy:

“It is starting to feel more like my side, but it is still a team that I have not put together. I want to make that clear. I took the team over and I have not made that many changes.

“I brought in (Paul) Konchesky to play left-back, Raul Meireles to replace (Javier) Mascherano and Joe Cole came in at the same time as me as well as Christian Poulsen. The other players I have inherited.

“I think I would be a good comparison with Tottenham because Harry Redknapp came in there just as I came into Fulham, so he will just be completing three years and he has brought in a lot of players.

“I am more than happy to take responsibility for this squad but it takes a coach more than five or six months to make his stamp on a club.

“I am hoping we will do some good business in transfer windows to come and then I will be able say, ‘If you don’t like it then I have no one to blame but myself’.”

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So, who do you think will be the runners and riders in question? My shouts are as follows:

Niko Krancjar – What could be more ‘Tottenham-style’ than a bench-bound Spurs player?

Lukas Podolski – Why the hell not? Podolski endured a bit of stinker with Köln last season although, admittedly, he’s had a better time of it so far this campaign. That said, with various reports of unrest continuing to surface, maybe the prospect of a rejuvenating move to the Premier League would entice ‘RVP-lite’ to Anfield?

Clint Dempsey – If Pies’ sources are to be believed (which they invariably aren’t), a move for Woy’s former Fulham charge may be a foregone conclusion.

Lassana Diarra – Would probably need to see a couple of ‘big names’ bought beforehand to convince him that a ‘step down’ from Real Madrid to Liverpool would be tolerable for a man with his over-inflated personal standards.

Yann M’Vila – Failing a move for Lass, Liverpool should definitely go all out in a bid to acquire this young Frenchman’s holding midfield services. The Rennes anchor has buckets of potential.

Danny Simpson – All I’m saying is, there is ‘word on the wire’.

Any more for any more?

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  1. Dave says:

    Insua, Aquilani, Dalla Valle out.
    Kelly, Wilson, PFK, Poulsen, Jovanovic, Miereles Cole in. With Aurelio re-signed. And Carragher put on a 2 year contract.

    Now you can say Jovanovic was lined up by Rafa, but if you do then so was Miereles.
    Whose idea was it to get rid of Aquilani and Insua Roy? Or exchange a very promising young player in Dalla Valle AND £4m for an average journeyman, and a 29 year old on a 4 year contract at that – thus wiping out any possibility of a re-sale value.
    What about Poulsen Roy? Good buy, or absolute total waste of money?
    Cole I’ll grant you was worth a punt, but on how long a contract and on how high a salary?

    The idea of you bringing in 10 more players of the ilk of Poulsen and Konchesky terrifies the entire fan-base Roy. I wouldn’t let you loose with the change from my pocket, never mind blow a possible one-off cash injection from the new owners.

  2. COYS says:

    Some dross but nothing too wrong with many of the players at Liverpool. Looks to me that Roy inherited a bunch of players who do not want to play. Most of the time there are only a couple on the pitch who look like they give a damn. Turning that around will take Hodgson some time but I am sure he can do it if given the time and money.

  3. Lynz says:

    we should buy pavlyuchenko :)

  4. spectator says:

    all i can say is the director of football idea was a good one. given that he was appointed by the new owners and woy wasn’t, i’m hoping they trust his word over woy and his inconsistent transfer policy. liverpool can rebuild and they don’t have to feed off scraps, which is the kind of transfer environment woy is used to. he’s not our man.

  5. Catcher says:

    Woy will turn you into the Fulham of the North, so 11th place it is thia year

  6. Luigi says:

    If they have the money they should try to sway Tevez over to the merseyside. He is the kind of striker they need to pair up with Torres. If he is too pricey, then Adebayor could be a solid buy and cheap too if they play their cards right.

    I say they should also snatch up some unused young Gunners. Mainly, Carlos Vela who is a great talent who would serve well as a winger (which is his true postion)for Liverpool.

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  9. dennis joseph says:

    Sorry, Roy is just not up to the job. Anyone you can play Ngong before Babel is not a Liverpool manager. Pace puts fear in the hearts of defenders. Ngong just doesn’t have it. What is Maxi? We need players with pace. bring back Rierra.Ronaldniho at 30 will be beter than most Roy is looking at.

  10. Fred says:

    Roy should stop pointing fingers, he is the man killing the club. If he says players are not happy who is suposed to make them happy? ofcourse the manager. U must have done some good job somewhere in Europe league but not in Pre. league with Liverpool. The players u found there are the players who finished 2nd In pre. league just 4 point behind man.united two years ago. Please u cant manage this job just do us favour and leave n leave n leaveeeeeeeeeeee.

  11. Mr. Volatile says:

    all you dickheads stop slating roy! he is a good manager i have faith in him! all you cunts will be eating your words by the end of the season!

    come on roy lets show these knoheads!

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