Liverpool must not let Barcelona poach Javier Mascherano

Ollie Irish

18th, June 2009


Somebody stop this man leaving Anfield
Most Liverpool fans know that Mascherano is essential to their team. The Argentine’s unselfish play is not only vital in protecting Liverpool’s back four, it also liberates his fellow midfielders – especially Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso. No wonder Rafa has warned other clubs off his brilliant water carrier.
But it seems Maschy is hot for Barcelona, which is worrying news indeed for all at Anfield. This from the Guardian:

“Mascherano’s agent, Walter Tamer, met Barcelona representatives in the city’s Rey Juan Carlos I hotel for two hours last night as the European champions intensify efforts to sign the 25-year-old. It is believed Tamer, who last week claimed Mascherano would relish a move to Barcelona and that “a transfer would be feasible”, was seeking assurances about the personal terms on offer should his client attempt to force through a deeply unpopular exit from Anfield.”

Gulp. I’m usually sceptical of any transfer rumours, but there seems to be more than a grain of truth in this case.
Rafa countered with typical intransigence:

“Mascherano has no price. Barcelona could not afford to match his value. They can offer £40m or even £50m. We don’t want to sell.”

Hear that, you Catalan weasels!? Rafa said no, and Rafa means no. No no no.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Maschy’s agent was behind this, with a juicy cut of a potential deal to Barca uppermost in his mind. Most agents are sly dogs, after all.
And while I don’t doubt that Barca would love to sign Macherano, I think they’ll walk away. They already have Sergi Busquets and Yaya Touré, so Maschy is not a piriority signing.

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  1. mkl says:

    Why should Barcelona be stopped?
    I would be delighted to see Mascherano leave England. He is invaluable to any team he plays, but for opposite fan he offers nothing. Absolutely nothing. Perhaps the highlight being the stupidest red card I have seen in years against United.
    And when Rafa says no, he means no? And when Rafa tells the facts, they are the facts. Right?
    Bye bye Javier.

  2. MattyDub says:

    Maybe a swap deal for Yaya Toure would work…

  3. poolshark says:

    mkl. if you are delighted to see the captain of argentina and the best holding midfielder in the world leave england, you are not only anti liverpool but also anti english football in general.
    and the rafa’s facts were just that FACTS not hearsay like alex the drunk pulls out his bum bum. but cold hard facts
    learn to deal son. thats life

  4. mkl says:

    Yes, need to learn to deal with the fact that the best holding midfielder in the world (Mascherano), best midfielder in the world (Gerrard), and best striker in the world (Torres) can’t win a trophy. Perhaps those players should also consider that they are getting older and leave to the teams that are winning.
    Gerrard to Chelsea? Wouldn’t be first time he would want the transfer out of Liverpool…
    Mascherano to Barcelona? Why wouldn’t you go to the best team in the world?
    Torres to Man United? Not sure why Fergie in the first place decided to go with Tevez..

  5. Jonski says:

    mkl, why are you on LFC news pages mate? Like all other Man UTD fans you are obsessed with our club. Like that judge in the terrorist case the other day, sad people you are. FACT is Gerrard did have his head turned by Chelski but saw sense, this was unlike Ronaldo who for three seasons wanted out and finally got his way, and now you all say good riddance. I thought Chelsea fans were two faced you lot take the biscuit. Masha to Barca I like him very much but is he going to weaken us as much as if Alonso left? No he isn’t £30-40mil would be great. And finally Torres to Man UTD well what can I say nothing much, I’ll describe his actions when asked about the speculation as you must not have seen the interview or would not have made the silly comment, he went ha ha ha while shaking his head. Another fact is your team is getting weaker after losing Ronaldo and probably Tevez and how long can Scholes, Giggs, Van Der Sar and Neville go on for? Not too long. Oh sorry but you do have Fletcher and Nani still who are quite young. I am sure your teams rival players are quaking in their boots at them two.

  6. Atyansh says:

    mkl, ur one of the biggest retard one would ever see not to mention ignorant too!!!

  7. bermo says:

    As a liverpool fan I would hate to see masch go as he is excellent. That said, something has to give if Rafa is intent on buying Silva and another striker

  8. olele says:

    I’ll take £35+Yaya Toure any day

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