Liverpool Have Jordan Henderson Bid Accepted – £16m Plus David N’Gog

By Chris Wright

Just a quickie to start the day with the news that, first thing this morning Liverpool have had a bid for Sunderland midfielder Jordan Henderson accepted, with those fine folk over at the Press Association reporting that the deal is worth somewhere in the region of £20 million – £16 million in cold, hard cash and a David N’Gog thrown in for good measure.

A brief statement on the Sunderland website reads:

“A fee has been agreed with Liverpool for Jordan Henderson and he travels to Anfield today with the club’s blessing.”

Still seems like an awful lot of money for a player Liverpool don’t really need to us, though the fact that King Kenneth is willing to ditch N’Gog may hint at the possibility of a shiny new striker washing up at Anfield before August is out – young Connor Wickham perhaps?

Any thoughts on the Henderson deal peeps?

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  1. the figg says:

    this doesn’t remind me of the bargain deals comolli made for spurs, overprised. talented kid, but will need a couple of years.

  2. Billy says:

    I read elsewhere that the deal is more like £13M plus Ngog, this sound more like it to me.

    Sunderland are desperate for Stikers since Bent left in jan and othe loanees have gone back to their own clubs.

  3. Coolie says:

    I think its a good deal. He will play wide right and Liverpool will buy a top notch out and out winger for the left ala the way Dlaglish set his team up in 80’s.

  4. owen says:

    very surprised, we are again paying over the top for and english player, we have now spent 55 mil on henderson and caroll, I bet fergie is laughing his head off at us. Reports that hazard would have cost 20 mil and read that united want luka from spurs for 20 mil, henderson doesn’t come close to those 2 players. Very surprised and a little disappointed. If this is the standard we are going to attract this summer, then the title challenge is still some way off.

  5. Billywheelspin says:

    Hmmmm, do liverpool actually need him? He’s no winger, he’s a central midfielder (plenty of potential though). Sounds a bit like a typical Comoli signing, like David Bentley for Spurs when they already had Lennon who was better. I’d like to think he’s there to play in the middle and replace a load of dead wood, but then we’ll still need a couple of wingers.

  6. nicko says:

    It’s a lot of money and the deal is reflective of the inflated cost of young English players. I’d rather have seen the money spent on Ashley young (not that he would go to anfield).

  7. Greg says:

    £13 million plus Ngog is what I’ve heard.

    Henderson looks a decent player to me, and Ngog was never going to get too many starts now, without there being a massive injury crisis.

    I expect this means that Wickham will be on his way soon too (although it wouldn’t surprise me if we loaned him back to Ipswich).

    A winger remains the priority though, and I’d personally like to see us go for Matt Jarvis from Wolves.

  8. syndex says:

    either 13m or 16m it is a lot of money for a player who is not exactly setting the world on fire
    king kenny = rafa II revenge of the bad signings

  9. gaptooth says:

    A lot is being made of this transfer

    in my opinion its because its the first transfer of the summer.
    had liverpool signed a marquee name , like hazard or even marko marin first
    and then signed henderson – i dont think this would have been such a big story

    i think i can see what kenny is trying to do , he is trying to cultivate hybrid players who can play several positions and henderson has the potential to do that – could he be worth 20 million in the future – yes no doubt , is he worth that at the moment – NO

    what KK is also looking at is players of a certain character and manner , players who are team orientated – not fancy dans , jordan fits this mould

    the next task is to use the remaining 30-35 million in getting wingers and creative players who can unlock defenses , second to that is a left back

    this is only the beginning and not the end of the transfer window – so i dont think we should be getting too worried as liverpool fans

  10. matt says:

    Whisper it, but could this mean that Stevie G is headed out to pasture? Especially if Charlie Adam is still on the way. I know it’s sacrilegious, but after all of the injuries, and considering how well Meireles-Lucas-Spearing looked without him… you know? Can’t say I would be completely devastated. Now’s the time, too, because nobody would question King Kenny.

  11. Sex God says:

    it seems liverpool are set to blow the transfer market wide open. whats next walcott for 50 million? where does it end?

  12. Coolie says:

    @Matt Calm yourself down! That is nonsense talk

  13. asdf says:

    16 or 13 mil even without n’gog is ridiculous price.

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