‘Keeper Esteban Alvarado Attacks Pitch Invader, Gets Sent Off, AZ Alkmaar Walk Out In Protest (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, December 2011


By Chris Wright

Here’s a little firecracker to start the morning off. Last night’s last-16 tie in the KNVB Cup between Ajax and AZ Alkmaar had to be abandoned after just 38 minutes (with Ajax leading 1-0) after an incident involving a pitch invader caused the away side to leave the field in protest.

A 19-year old Ajax fan ran onto the pitch and leapt at AZ ‘keeper Esteban Alvarado, who duly knocked the supporter out of the air and proceeded to kick seven shades of stront out of him. Esteban was then sent off for ‘violent misconduct’ by referee Bas Nijhuis , which led his irate coach, Gert Jan Verbeek, to order his side to walk off as he ‘feared for the safety of his players’…

Of course, Esteban argued that he was purely acting in self-defense, but it didn’t wash with Nijhuis, who explained the red card thusly:

“I understand that Esteban was defending himself, but he walked to him (the supporter) and kicked him multiple times. He could also have walked away.”

An apology has since appeared on the Ajax website, confirming that the fan will be banned for life:

‘This was a terrible incident and we deeply regret it and offer our sincere apologies. The supporter has been handed over to the police.

“It was a 19-year old man who was probably under the influence of alcohol. He said he hated the AZ goalkeeper and had therefore attacked him.”

Drunk and full of hate? Suddenly, Esteban’s actions don’t seem quite so over-the-top, now do they?

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  1. Dr. Roberts says:

    This is awesome.

  2. The Coff says:

    No idea why the ref sent him off, had a bit of a shocker there. I’d have been livid if I was shown red!

  3. Stewart says:

    OMG!!!! I just read that Alan Hansen gets paid 40K per programme for MOTD.

    40K for sitting there and no matter who is playing telling us week after week how good Liverpool used to be back in the day and how they are going to be top three this year. Year after year after year.

    He brings absolutely nothing to the show except sneering 70’s based simplistic, juvenile non-enlightening statements of the bleeding obvious. He’s in a time warp, and now he’s proved it.

    He’s showing his lack of understanding of modern society by using a term not heard on TV since Jim Davidson had his own show.

    It’s not his fault though, it’s the fault of the know-nothing BBC producers who think that he has some kind of gravitas.

  4. ae says:

    Perfect reaction from the AZ coach

  5. Wiganisawful says:

    Well, thanks for that Stewart.

    Back on topic, this is absolutely brilliant. He shouldn’t have been sent off.

  6. Stewart says:

    Topics? Staying on topic is for repressive authoritarian governments. North Korea, places like that.

    I’m ahead of the topic. I’m like Steve Jobs selling ipods when everyone else has got a transister radio.

  7. Jood says:

    His name is Wesley, and he’s some idiot from Almere (worst city in the NL). Ajax’ more fanatic supporters have also said that he’d face some very real consequences if they ever see him again. Violence at football may be wrong, but not against complete morons like this. As an Ajax-fan I’m ashamed and angry.

  8. dennis says:

    The man who attacked Esteban already had a stadium ban! So Ajax is f.cked.

  9. SL says:

    or more likely you are just a dumbass who posted in the wrong thread.

    The video has been removed.

  10. Manolo Garnix says:

    It’s correct that he had been send off. You can’t kick someone on the ground, not even on the pitch. Should have gone away. Of course it offers a lot of new ways to help your team as a fan. Just invade the pitch, hit the the player and let him hit you.

  11. Frank says:

    Yes you can kick someone if u get attack, stupid drunk fan should stay at his seat

  12. Jay says:


  13. Chimpo says:

    Stewart = knob

  14. gamblino says:

    That little fucker was trying to break his leg. I think he was pretty restrained considering!

  15. Redskywalker says:

    Love seeing the stupid knocked out of pitch-invaders! Wish he had obliterated the morons nuts

  16. Stewart says:

    Chimpo. Excellent. No coming back from that one.

    Unless it was an offer of some kind? Not really interested, but thanks anyway.

  17. SL says:

    If a fan invades the pitch, the players should be allowed to beat him to a pulp until the police arrive, what if he had a weapon? What if he got up and attacked the goalie again.

    Ive seen a ridiculous situation where a teenage girl got on the pitch and none of the male stewards were allowed to stop her for PC reasons, so we were treated to the sight of an 18 stone female steward chugging along trying to catch her. Players should be allowed to defend themselves and stop intruders.

    The manager did the right thing and I think he did it more at the sending off rather then the safety of his own players.

  18. Nuno says:

    I would’ve done the same thing if I was the keeper, glad he noticed the guy in time.
    The referee sent him off because of the kicks when the knobhead was on the ground, but hadn’t he done that, the guy would’ve got up and try to beat him again – the stewards were nowhere near yet.
    Gladly the manager did the best thing I can think of, so maybe the match will just be replayed (he can surely defend his argument of unsafety).

  19. WildScotsman6 says:

    Look at Chris with the “stront” dutch lingo! haha! well in mate!

  20. Limbo Fatty says:

    Stewart might well be a knob but his comeback had me chortling.

  21. Peter says:

    How disgraceful. Where on earth where all the hundreds of marshalls? They should all be sacked for letting the idiot on the pitch. How unjust to get sent off when someone attacks you. The keeper did not know if the idiot was armed and was totally provoked.

  22. mdizlle says:

    i think he did the right thing! if that was me it would have been a lot worse like an arm bar minus an arm if he continued to fight back!

  23. Grant says:

    It doesn’t matter that he was acting in self defense. According to the laws of the game violent conduct toward anyone is punishable by a red card. It’s unfortunate, but the referee has no choice. That’s why what people should be calling for is action by the IFAB to make a change to the laws so that if a player is defending himself from a pitch invader they are not to be punished with violent conduct. These guys (and gals) have to be able to defend themselves. They can’t just be expected to stand there and not defend themselves. What if the guy had a knife or a gun or something?

  24. FR says:

    typical, only in amsterdam…
    ban him for life

  25. Eduardo says:

    No, I think the referee and the hooligan both hate Estaban.
    Worst Red Card of all time.

  26. barca says:

    hahah that was awsome

  27. Paul McGuigan says:

    0:11 just got a brain

  28. syndex says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=706552WGY5M thats how you deal with pitch invaders

  29. Tosser says:

    I thought Chimpo was spot on in his assessment of Stewart. Posting an irrelevant Lawro critique while watching an assault in progress? Someone is changing channels – thus using a ‘knob.’ I don’t understand his comeback? Is Stewart now offering to change his radio stations as well?

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