Cesc Fabregas Turns Up At 2012 Brit Awards, Bestows Ed Sheeran With ‘Best Breakthrough’ Trinket (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Looking dapper from his napper to his toes, Cesc Fabregas turned up at the 2012 Brit Awards in London last night with Nicole ZingerTowerBurger from the Pussycat Dolls on his arm to dole out the ‘Best Breakthrough Act’ trinket to Ed Sheeran and his hair of pure fire…

Bless him.

Video: 101GG

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  1. Jay says:

    Nice….Great to see he still has love for London (I suppose after growing up here in his formative years)

  2. Darren says:

    This guy actually shows his face back in London? So glad he is gonna end up with no League title after thinking the move to barca would solve that problem.

  3. Jay says:

    @Darren: Playing for the best team in the World where your friends and family are from and where the Manager is someone who used to be your idol when growing up is something ANYONE would find hard to turn down…

  4. Si says:

    @Darren – you are hilarious. He is on course to win the Champions League on his first attempt with Barca, not to mention the Copa del Rey. Hardly a bad return for a first season’s work.

  5. Del says:

    Did he always used to talk like that? *_*

  6. man_dildo says:

    cesc fiberglass is a douche , the kind thats used to clean a woman’s vagina. and barcelona is full of them (being the king of all douchebags)

  7. Rory says:

    James Cordon is a sycophantic prick

  8. aayush says:

    He may not win the la liga in his first season with barca ,but won spanish and uefa super cup and fifa world cup with barca in his first year.he only won two trophies with arsenal ih his 8 years.

  9. dc says:

    i think man_dildo’s name sums up the value of his opinion

  10. MisterTARG says:

    And the wiener is…

  11. V says:

    Fabregas is a professional football player with a lot of talent and success. Yet, standing next to Nicole Scherzinger, I believe this is the most I’ve envied him

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