Fan Laments Sporting Lisbon’s Decline With Brilliant Cover Of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ (Video)

Chris Wright

1st, October 2012


By Chris Wright

In which dejected Sporting Lisbon fan Diogo Sena laments the slump in his club’s fortunes this season (they currently sit mid-table in the Portuguese top flight) with an excellent cover of Gotye’s ubiquitous hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, skillfully altered to reflect his new-found ambivalence towards his beloved side.

It’s in Portuguese and we don’t understand a word of it (bar ‘Wolfswinkle’), but that doesn’t make it any less amazing…

Bravo Sir, bravo!

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  1. js94 says:

    Don’t know if anyone watches Dexter, But the Benfica kid looks like his brother

  2. ap90 says:

    the benfica kid is bragging about his club… but benfica is not that great either. everybody knows that Porto is the dominating club in Portugal.

    basically he is criticizing Sporting’s transfers (Moutinho to Fc Porto, Ronaldo’s fee was half, yeah HALF, of Coentrão transfer from Benfica to Real Madrid…), he also questions why the f*ck they play in 4-3-3 and so on and so on…

  3. Temjin says:

    English people sure like Benfica a lot. Most portuguese ppl hate them because of stunts like this. In the portuguese speaking world they have the same rep as Lazio. They were the regime’s team for years and they keep carrying themselves as such to this day. From calling “swine” to the president of Porto to protecting a hooligan that murdered a Sporting fan DURING a Cup final, nothing is bellow that club. They’re revolting and so is your webpage for helping them maintain the sad, sad state of animosity that has tarnished both the portuguese league in later years.
    You just lost a follower.

  4. somebody that i do not know says:

    what temjin is saying is almost entirely a lie based on rumours and clubistic jokes but ok…

  5. Nuno says:

    “ap90” pretty much summed up the whole thing, it’s a bit stupid and there’s reason to believe he’s not really a Sporting fan, but no doubt it’s nicely done
    Still, not as stupid as Temjin’s comment above, mind, but there’s fans like that everywhere unfortunately.

  6. Joe says:

    Woah there Temjin, hold your horses.
    The video posted has nothing to do with Sporting being the regime’s club or whatever. It’s just a creative effort of a football fan to express his feelings about his club.
    If a Lazio fan had done a video like that, it would have been posted all the same simply because it’s a good video.
    Whether or not Benfica is a horrible club is a totally different discussion.

  7. Sushrut says:

    @js94 he does!

  8. Dan says:


    that’s complete bull. most portuguese people hating them, for a start, is thick.
    Benfica the regime’s team? do a quick google images search and you’ll find sporting giving the ol’ nazi salute to salazar. not to mention benfica were being prejudiced even back in the 60s. playing a cup semi final the day after a european cup final? yeah salazar really helped there! I don’t know how you can say they are supposedly still carrying themselves as the regime’s team, considering it’s sporting and porto who have had openly fascist fans for years! the fascists tried to infiltrate benfica years ago and when that failed they were seen on Belenenses’ terraces months later. not to mention sporting being the team of the upper classes and porto having a fascist dictator for a president
    so yes, porto’s president is a swine! he’s a mafioso criminal and the evidence is so easily available it’s laughable!!!
    I don’t know who you could possibly support other than porto to put the blinders on regarding the ol’ “golden whistle” case

    also, for english speakers, it’s simply Sporting. no “lisbon” at the end

  9. brownie says:

    laters temjin

  10. cell says:

    most portuguese ppl hate them, wtf temjin? according to guiness world records benfica is the club with more associates in the whole world(about 250 000 btw) and according to a study made in argentina about many clubs around the world benfica is the portuguese team with more fans, so logically everybody hates them, and i don’t see why pies are defending benfica, this is a portuguese video made by a sporting fan with some sense of humor and that doesn’t need to be jealous of their rivals just because they’re better than them, and chris saw the video and thought the cover sounded good(because he doesn’t really understand a f**k of what they say) and it’s related to football, so he decided to post it

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  12. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    About the video now…that’s pretty good!

  13. TheBelgianBrady says:

    Great, another video about Portugal, another pissing contest in the comments…

  14. ap90 says:

    The video is really good. I can’t stop watching it. I am a FC Porto fan and I believe the author of the video is Sportinguista and he’s having fun with it. Why can’t someone make fun of his own club without raising suspicions of being a supporter of a rival club? c’mon… If I were a Sporting fan I would agree with this video: the management of Sporting is awful, they sell their best players in shady and weird conditions (Matias fernandez was too cheap I think and Moutinho, Judas Moutinho, is one of the best Portugal and they sold it to a rival club), even Braga has been more successful in recent times…

  15. Jose says:


    And that Van Wolfswinkel really is bad, he misses at least one easy goal per game from the games Ive seen

  16. Nuno says:

    I am Portuguese and this is why WAATP is barely the only football related site I watch, there is almost NO football related website in Portugal that doesn’t get infested with this kind of “fans”.
    Even TV shows around here do 5/10 minutes of replays of best plays from the game, then 30 minutes of replays and comments from “dubious” decisions (I am NOT kidding).
    In Portugal, teams don’t loose championships, referees steal them; the 5 sitters the striker missed didn’t decide the match, the dubious yellow card the ref did/didn’t show did.
    If you think this is bad, you have no idea what bad is… (fortunately)

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